Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turkeys in my yard

I had a gobble of turkeys in my yard yesterday:

Tim White


Breachway said...

It's election time Tim. They have been calling my phone all week.

tim white said...

haha... I've been getting five or six pieces in the mail every day for the past week.

Btw Breach... a question for you about pension plans... as an alternative to moving from DB to DC plans... do you know if any orgs have ever considered DB plans measured differently than the common practice. In other words, DBs typically require funding calculated on average life expectancy - retirement age... but do any orgs calculate it on average life expectancy - ten years? Or stated slightly differently... do you know of any retirement plans that are not based on a set retirement age... but are based on giving ee's an average ten year pension? (or five year or twenty year pension).

Wondering if it's a possible middle ground that might be easier for towns / states / counties to negotiate collectively, instead of simply eliminating DB plans... as it would shift some (though not all) of the risk to ee's and away from taxpayers.