Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Governor Rell vacationing, school funding delayed?

For those of you wondering about when the $26 billion teachers' bill may move from the state to municipalities, the New Haven Advocate's Greg Hladky is reporting:

Gov. M. Jodi Rell is on her way out of Connecticut for a little vacation, heading to Pennsylvania first and then to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, according to her staff. The governor is due back in this state on August 29.

Cheshire Public Schools open on August 30. I doubt Governor Rell will act on this before school starts.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"In case of the inability of the governor to exercise the powers and perform the duties of his office ... or of his absence from the state, the lieutenant-governor shall exercise the powers and authority and perform the duties appertaining to the office of governor until the disability is removed or ... if absent, (the governor) has returned."
Conn. Constitution: Art. IV, Sec. 19

This why we are paying Lt. Gov. Fedele $110,000/ year. No reason this money should have to wait until Gov. Rell's return.

Anonymous said...

I think that is a vague interpretation of our Constitution.
If that were the case, Fedele would be able to make any decisions he wanted anytime Rell stepped out of her office.
I understand that we shouldn't wait on this, but public servants are allowed vacations and I am sure the governor's office would not allow Fedele to make any important decisions while she is just on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Nothing vague about it: the Lt. Governor has all the powers of Governor while she is out of state. Further, the Gov can be reached by phone, and her staff is still at work.

NO GOOD REASON why the Gov's office can't collaborate with the Lt. Gov to release these funds to the towns at this crucial time in the school year. This is why we have a Lt. Gov.

Anonymous said...

Send it back

Anonymous said...

Again, mis-interpretation of the Constitution.
If that argument holds true, then any time the President is out of Washington D.C., then the VP can make any decisions he wants.

That will never happen!

I think this money is ridiculous, but Rell will be the only one handing it out.
The governor is not unable to exercise or perform her duties, she knows that this doesn't have to be done immediately. Do you really think if the money was released today versus next week it would matter?

juris doctor said...

209 PM, your analogy is fabricated from thin air. The 25th Amendment makes no such provision if the president leaves Washington. However, the state Constitution provides exactly as 602/1010 AM has stated, and Mr. Fedele has been acting governor before. Gov. Rell can authorize the Lt Gov to get these funds rolling to the towns in a timely way.

Anonymous said...

How often has that happened?
Get real...
DO you think Rell will allow him to dispurse funds?
I think it is a very vague interpretation.
The governor is not unable to perform her duties. She chooses not to until she returns. That doesn't mean the Lt. Governor can make these decisions.
If you think you are an attorney, I would love to hear you try and convince someone that the Lt. Governor can make any decisions he wants when the governor goes on vacation.
You're dreaming.