Tuesday, August 17, 2010

N2NEC: initial brainstorming session

Tonight we had the initial brainstorming session of the Neighbor-to-Nieghbor-Energy-Challenge (N2NEC). I previously described the N2NEC here.

Some general info about the N2NEC:

1) Cheshire is one of 14 towns that are participating;
2) It's a $4.2 million energy grant;
3) The 14 towns are aggregated in four clusters;
4) Bethany and Cheshire constitute one of the four clusters;
5) The idea is to get 10% of all households to participate;

6) Those households should reduce their total energy consumption by 20%;
7) Outreach efforts will be measured for success / failure;
8) The successful efforts will hopefully be rolled out across the state;
9) This program is largely a marketing effort intended to increase awareness of the already existing programs available via the CT Energy Efficiency Fund, the CT Clean Energy Fund and other orgs.

If you're interested to learn more, visit the N2NEC FB page here. Or, as we discussed during tonight's brainstorming session, please invite one of us to speak your civic organization. We're hoping to come speak to different groups in town to elaborate on how this program can be used to benefit your organization, such as with fundraising, and your household, such as with reduced energy bills.

Last, but not least, if you know anyone looking for a job... this program has some job postings on this page in the near future for recent college grads who are passionate about energy and the environment.

Tim White

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