Friday, August 06, 2010

Capital Budget '10/11: schools - renovations (4/4)

In reviewing the capital budget for the schools, I suggest you start with the BOEs entire proposal for 2010 / 2011. Then look at the details for code compliance and roofs and wrap it up with this five four part series on renovations, starting here with part 1, continuing here with part 2 and offering part 3 here finally wrapping up with part 4:Here are the details on the last three items, including emergency generators that are listed in year 3:And the next item -- the infrastructure / energy savings improvements at CHS -- is also in year 3. Though my hope is to incorporate this into a more comprehensive townwide plan for infrastructure and energy improvements:And last, but certainly not least, is what everyone seems to discuss here on TWL: artificial turf. And yup, it's in year 1 of the capital budget. And while I'm really at a loss as to where this may be heading, here's my most recent unofficial Council whip count on turf. For the TM / BOEs proposal, read this:Meeting on the school's proposals, including turf, is next Wednesday in Town Hall.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Bowmans will be busy for the next few years. Wonder how the bids will turn out (or if there will be bids)?

Anonymous said...

"The turf field will be used for both practice & game play by baseball and softball"....yeah,