Monday, August 09, 2010

Open forum -- August 10, 2010

In support of Sam Caligiuri (for the GOP nomination for Congress) and Oz Griebel (for the GOP nod for Governor) -- as well as just hearing what's on people's minds -- I knocked on a few doors this weekend.

What's on the tip of everyone's tongue?

The pool.


I did come to the conclusion though that Sam Caligiuri will win Cheshire. And while I hope he wins on Tuesday, I'm guessing Sam will do better in Waterbury and Cheshire than he'll do in the other 41 towns. That's simply because he's been representing Cheshire and Waterbury for years now... but he has never represented the other 39 towns... hmmm... actually... anyone know if Wolcott is in the CT-5?

The next Council meeting is on Wednesday. The meeting is with the schools. Remember back in April when the school's operating budget got positioned against the Council Chamber windows? There was a proposal to reduce spending on Town Hall window improvements and increase spending on the schools in the current year budget. But we now know that's not happening.

Back to the topic of the Governor's race... I've been getting flooded with phone calls recently. I'm sure all of us "likely primary voters" have been getting them. I got my first "big name" today though. Mitt Romney called on behalf of Tom Foley. And Fedele keeps hammering away, but not only at Foley now. On Saturday, I heard a radio ad of his going after Oz. And I got a similar phone call today. So while Fedele's campaign is shopping his internals, I suspect there's something more to his poll numbers that he's not releasing.

Ran into Congressman Chris Murphy at Toyo Sushi on Saturday. I was trying to navigate some Washington legislation this week and decided to call his staff for some guidance. Jesse (didn't get a last name) got back to me with an answer within a few hours. And since I certainly didn't wanna pepper him with "work-related" questions or requests at 9pm on a Saturday night -- I'm sure at that time he'd rather be spending time with his wife and little buddy than listening to constituents -- I simply thanked my Congressman for his helpful and responsive staff.

Consider this a Primary Election Day 2010 open forum. Any predictions?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Voted already. Poll @ CHS was empty. Expect way fewer voters than the pool vote

Anonymous said...

I was number 315 at 2pm.

tim white said...

3:15 which poll?

I'm guessing an overall 30% turnout among affiliated voters... higher among Rs than Ds.

tim white said...

I'm guessing that a high R turnout means Tom Foley and Linda McMahon win.

Tony Perugini said...

"3:15 which poll?"

Tim, I was #315 at CHS today. Hey how about that, I posted that at 3:15pm. Gotta play that number tonight. :-)

- Tony P

Anonymous said...

I was 152 at Dodd at 5:00 PM

Sad that people in this town, who are registered to vote, don't do it.
They will all be the first to complain about an elective official.

We barely get over 20% of the town to vote for the pool referendum and now at a very close primary for both parties, we have another low turn out.

Do people really care about where they live and who helps make the laws?

Why don't people exercise this privledge?

bill said...

People are not allowed to exercise their vote because when they register as something other than D or an R they are not allowed to vote in this State in primaries. When all registered voters; regardless of party registry are allowed to vote in primaries maybe we will see an increase in voter participation.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice thought, but I doubt that would happen.
Hardly anyone turned out for the pool referendum, and that was directly impacting their taxes. What makes you think they would come out and vote to see who will represent what party for the November election.
I think indepenedents shouldn't vote in these elections. Why should those who don't register for a party be allowed to choose who represents that party in an election?
It is fine the way it is.
Just wish more people cared.