Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 10: Candidates for other Constitutional offices

A few weeks ago, I did a post on the high profile candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.* So now I offer a few links on other Constitutional offices that will be on the ballot on August 10:

Attorney General (R)

Martha Dean

Ross Garber

I'm not entirely decided on this race, but I'm leaning toward Dean. I got the mailer from Garber this weekend and it raised some questions for me. But of the three points he raised -- guns, drugs & capital punishment -- only Martha's stance on the death penalty (she opposes it) seems entirely irreconcilable with my view. But while I disagree with her, I'm not a one issue voter. So I'm not too concerned about it.

Secretary of the State (D)

Denise Merrill

Gerry Garcia

Besides his memorable name, I have a few thoughts on this race. The Norwich Bulletin slammed Merrill for "her arrogance." For that reason alone, I'd vote for Garcia. But this has the added benefit of sending a message to the so-called leadership in Hartford: Chris Donovan and Don Williams. Hopefully they'll see her loss as a repudiation of their strong arm tactics on every legislator in their respective caucuses. Who can forget the way Senator Don Williams (D) retaliated against Senator Joan Hartley (D)?! I certainly didn't forget it. And I've heard rumors of Speaker Donovan using similar tactics in his caucus, including with Rep. Esty.

I'd love to see Donovan and Williams both get tossed by their own districts in November. But barring that, I hope their caucuses throw them overboard. And beyond sending that message, I have a friend who works for Rosa Delauro. He's supporting Garcia. So if I were a registered Dem, I'd definitely be voting for Garcia and against Merrill... throw the bums out!

Comptroller (D)

Mike Jarjura

Kevin Lembo

Mike Jarjura, the Mayor of Waterbury, is considered by many to be a conservative Democrat. Kevin Lembo seems to be well-respected by CTs liberal netroots.

Connecticut has six Constitutional offices:

1) Governor
2) Lieutenant Governor
3) Attorney General
4) Secretary of the State
5) Comptroller
6) Treasurer

Are there any other Constitutional offices on the ballot on August 10?

Tim White

* FWIW, I intend to vote for Oz Griebel and Mark Boughton. And if I were a Dem, I'd vote for Dan Malloy & Nancy Wyman.


Anonymous said...

Martha Dean's opposition to the death penalty is enough for me to vote against her.

The DP may not have prevented this morning's massacre in Mansfield, but had the perpetrator lived, it would be unthinkable that he shouldn't receive full justice.

Just like it's unthinkable that Michael Ross, or Cheshire's own rapist-murderers, should be kept alive for decades at taxpayer expense.

Let society impose justice; only God can give them mercy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:06
Any candidate running who opposes the death penalty should not get 1 vote from a Cheshire resident.
People like Elizabeth amaze me that she would oppose the death penalty, when a family in her district was brutally raped and murdered.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Esty is one of the elitist liberal beautiful people -- one who thinks she's "enlightened" and "compassionate" because she opposes capital justice for vicious killers. Yet in her twisted morality, it's OK to slice up and burn a million innocent babies each year. How liberal, how beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Who says that pro-abortion liberals are mostly atheist or agnostic? They have all the zeal of any religious believer for their own peculiar doctrines.

Their first two Commandments are, (I) "Thou shalt never interfere with women's right to abortion," and (II) "Thou shalt never allow the death penalty for murder, even when there is 100% certainty of guilt." Twisted indeed.

Anonymous said...

Leta all remember to give the state representative seat back to Al Adinolfi so we can regain some common sense in our state legislature.

Breachway said...

Esty is a disgrace to Cheshire

Anonymous said...

breachway not everybody is 65 years old and still lives with their mommie like you do. oh wait that is typical cheshire. never leave and live with your parents your entire life, f up in school and become a police officer typical cheshire life and esty is not a disgrace to cheshire it is 2010 not 1946 get over it.