Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August 10: I'm voting for Peter Schiff for Senator

Next Tuesday I'll be voter for Peter Schiff. IMO, the single most important issue facing America today is monetary policy - the money supply. Fiscal policy -- taxing and spending -- is also extremely important. But it seems to me that virtually no other candidates are discussing monetary policy... and that's even more reason for me to support Schiff... to force a debate on the issue.

We need to deleverage our banks. We should transition away from fractional-reserve banking and toward full-reserve banking. We ought to discuss ending the Federal Reserve's monopoly on the money supply.

Peter Schiff is the only credible candidate when the debate relates to monetary policy. For that reason, along with his recognition that America's fiscal policy -- borrow'n'spend -- is an oncoming trainwreck financed by China, I'll be voting for Peter Schiff.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

He can't win with your one vote. Oh, wait, there'll be his and maybe his wife. That's three votes.

Anonymous said...

speaking of voting, why would anyone, short of a good friend , or relative, want to vote for a probate judge???
All either candidate wants is a chunk of your inheritance.

judge Judy said...

when the person dies, don't put the obit in the paper make sure it is and/or and you have no need for probate.

Anonymous said...

Judge Judy,
It doesn't work that way. First there's a state death certificate. Second, the estate executor can't touch a dime of the estate until he gets an executor certificate from the probate court. No way you can hide a death from the probate court.

Anonymous said...

Every day this week, sometimes 2-3 times a day, I received automated spam calls from Jalowacks' campaign. I don't mind 1 call but this is ridiculous. I tried to look past the character attack his campaign has been running against Bowman. But his character has come out and I cannot vote for him. I don't how much experience he believes he has over Bowman but it doesn't make up for a lack of common sense.

At least Peter had the respect to come knocking on my door and spent time listening to my concerns. In fact, I threw many questions at him about how the probate courts work and he is obviously experienced. He didn't try to sell me anything, he didn't attack Matt's character or the like. He focused on my concerns and what he could reasonably expect to do.

Thank you Peter for your time and you are a true human being. You're just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff is the only trustworthy candidate.

Liberal McMahon and dopey Rob Simmons, who doesn't have the heart to run a real campaign, are both unfit to call themselves conservatives.