Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rite Aid wants to relocate

From the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

Rite Aid Corp. has filed plans with town to build a nearly 15,000-square-foot drugstore at West Main Street and Maple Avenue, one of the community’s traffic hot spots.

the new Rite Aid would replace a store in the adjacent Maple-croft Plaza, said Jerry Sitko, the town’s economic development coordinator... “It’s all market-driven,” Sitko said of Rite Aid’s plans, which call for a drive-up window for customers to place and pick up prescription orders.

Building the Rite Aid at West Main Street and Maple Avenue will require tearing down an aging strip mall and another retail building. That will result in two businesses, the Main Street Cafe and Consignment Originals, being displaced.

Cheshire, which has 30,000 residents, has four drugstores, two Rite Aid locations and two CVS pharmacies.

The article also mentions the need for an Inland Wetlands approval. Anybody happen to know if that location is over water? Perhaps an aquifer? Or does every development need to go thru the IWWC?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Manny and Linda ought to start packing quite yet.

RAD stock is trading @ .32/share...yes(thirty-two cents)

This is a Top 10 list no firm wants to get on

Last time I checked, the economy still pretty much sucked

I hope Manny and Linda do well, wherever they go, They have done a great job with the former Marisa's

tim white said...

I'm sure a project would never get the required PZC and IWWC approvals... only to get derailed by a lack of funding.

Anonymous said...

This whole town must be heavily else can you explain a town of 30,000 having 5 pharmacies (including Stop & Shop)?
It is too bad we can only entice pharmacies and coffee shops to move into town. Aren't there any good restaurant chains that are willing to take a chance in this town?
Maybe the number of pharmacies explains some of the decisions being made by elected officials.It's too bad we have to lose a nice local business like Main Street and a popular store like Consignments. It just shows ws that big business still controls the small towns.

Anonymous said...

Southington is awash in chain pharmacies , too...they have 24 hour CVS across from 24 hour Walgreen's

Anonymous said...

Seven or eight businesses replaced by one that we really need? We will become the "Drug Store Capitol" of Connecticut?

tim white said...

We have no chain restaurants (excl fast food), but we have some nice non-chain restaurants, such as Vespucci's and Yellow Fins. Shangri-lee is popular. I think the Notch is great for lunch.

Of course, we've also got the Vic House, Waverly, etc. that everyone knows about.

Come to think of it, we have quite a few restaurants that have now been in business for anywhere from three years to decades.

Anonymous said...

So who will occupy the store front to be vacated in the Maple Croft by the current Rite Aid? Now if some completely new business was moving into town and building a facility that would be a case of 'growth.' This sounds more like just moving the deck chairs around the decks of the Titanic prior to its plunge!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're copying CVS by relocating to what? - another massive drug store like CVS is about to move into? I kinda like the smaller version - looks a lot nicer than these huge buildings.

Anonymous said...

Gee I wonder who owns that land that they want to build the Rite Aid on? I betcha whoever it is wouldn't like a Home Depot or a Lowes there!

Smells like another North End Development/Norton School Boiler fiasco!

Let's see if the PZC changes the building code to mixed use next!!

By the way we have 6 pharmacies (including Stop & Shop.) You forgot to include Cheshire High, you can buy almost any drug there w/o a prescription!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is xome HAZ-MAt cleanup going on at the site--probably the remnants from when a furniture stripping shop was located there in the 70's. Wondering if Stop & Shop will be buying the property (as they did the Waverly complex) and then leasing back to Rite-Aid. Manny & Linda have a great business but the rest of the strip mall is a dump....

Anonymous said...

Will this be another land is own by one person while the building is owned by Rite Aid?
Similar to Sand Bank Rd., F & S property.
So when Rite Aid goes bankrupt, who will own the building??

Anonymous said...

the Bowman's, who else???