Thursday, January 01, 2009

2010: Peter Schiff for US Senate?

With Chris Dodd up for reelection in 2010, there's bound to be lots of people coming out of the woodwork in the next few months announcing their quest for his Senate seat.

And there's at least one name being floated already - Peter Schiff. Over at CTLP, there's some discussion about who even owns / began this site that seems to be announcing his candidacy. And some further discussion is also found on The Everyday Republican... which begs another question for me... is Schiff a Dem, an R or something else? The website doesn't seem to indicate party affiliation.

Regardless, I'm favorably disposed to him. Living in Darien, Schiff was an economic advisor to my favorite Presidential candidate, Ron Paul. So I intend to learn more about Dodd's possible challenger.

For a taste of him though, check out this August 2007 FoxNews clip in which Schiff is outnumbered 4 to 1... with four people saying "invest, invest, INVEST... the subprime is a blip... pour more money in the market!!!" And Peter Schiff suggesting that the subprime problem was just a canary in the coalmine.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I'm going to say Schiff is a Libertarian. DEFINITELY NOT a Democrat, or McCain/Bush type of Republican.

tim white said...

I've only heard him say:

1) we need sound money and
2) we need balanced budgets

And since both Rs & Ds agree on the need for balanced budgets... and America has had no serious debate on monetary policy since 1913... I'm not convinced one way or the other.

I just suggest that he's a member of The Adult Party that acknowledges problems and wants to address them, rather than sticking your head in the sand... as most of the Beltway Insiders prefer.