Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CT Senate 2010: Dodd vs. Schiff?

The WSJ tattooed Dodd today on his failure to disclose his mortgage deal. I agree that Dodd should disclose it all. And I think this is what has gotten most Nutmeggers upset with him. For me though, the bailout is what really turned me.

I just figure that as Chairman of the Banking Committee... Dodd is nearly as culpable for the bailout as Bush. So even though Cheshire's Chris Murphy was on the House Financial Services Committee... he was a freshman and he was, quite simply, not as culpable as Bush / Dodd.

For that reason, I'm hoping someone serious runs against Dodd. Maybe Congressman Murphy? Or maybe there's a sound money guy / gal who will run? Maybe Peter Schiff?

See Darien's Peter Schiff here on Kudlow's show:

Btw, I have no idea if Schiff is a D, an R or some other party. I just love the fact that he supports sound money and balanced budgets.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

He was an economic advisor to Ron Paul's campaign.

Perhaps this site may answer your question: