Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jeff for CEA President

That's the headline on what appears to be a website created for the purpose of promoting Jeff Leake

from being the President of the CEA (Cheshire Education Association or Cheshire Teachers Union)

to being the President of the CEA (Connecticut Education Association or Connecticut Teachers Union).

And whoever mentioned this on a previous post is right, the election appears to be today.

I bet Jeff loved seeing these quotes in the NHR only a day before the election. I wonder how much of his comments were about the BOE deliberations and how much was campaign rhetoric?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

How many times have we heard," It's about the children". Nothing in the budget can be cut or reduced because the poor little children will suffer.

Now we are finding out that it's never been about the children and it might not even be about the teachers. Could it really be about the personal ambitions of Jeff Leake? To win his election to the presidency of the CEA, there was no way that Jeff would bend an inch. Let the private sector go to hell, there is no way the teachers were going help the residents of Cheshire, after all they had a contract, so there. It is the private sector's responsibility to fund the public sector no matter what happens and if there is to be any pain, then the private sector should simply accept it and shut up.

Jeff world doesn't see any sign of recession in Cheshire, he says Cheshire is a rich town, it's like the teacher's ATM that can easily be tapped over and over, ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.... Hey!, the machine is out of money, hurry and fill it, ka-ching, ka-ching ..... What a wonderful machine, it never runs out of money, borrow or tax, who cares.

I guess Jeff in his world may see things differently, like there is no recession, there are no 59,000 unemployed in Connecticut, the state has more money than ever, business in Cheshire is booming, restaurants are packed, house sales are going to through the roof, parents have more money than they need and can't wait to pay to play, Cheshire's retirement accounts are overflowing, the parking lots at the malls are loaded, teachers can buy second and third homes at a record pace and everyone is looking forward to big tax increases over the next few years. How nice everything is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this guy wants to take a "Leake" on our students and taxpayers

Bill said...

Maybe you blindly led educrat supporters will start to see the light...I guess not. You as spineless parents under the disguise of "for the children" would sacrifice the local school system and what it SHOULD SUPPLY as a base education level in order of hope your protected Cheshire student will receive a scholarship of some sorts to a university. Then you can brag in special gatherings of how proud you are f your student and how well of a job you did in raising the child. It is a sad comment when a parent uses their child and the local education system to validate their desires and offset your parental weaknesses.