Thursday, January 01, 2009

If you're pinching pennies and need antibiotics...

From the WRAs Dave Krechevsky:

Beginning Friday, Stop & Shop Supermarket pharmacies will offer free antibiotics to anyone with a doctor's prescription, a program the company says will help maintain the health of its customers in "a difficult economy."

For a full list of the 36 generic antibiotics offered for free by Stop & Shop, visit

But be sure to read the whole article. There's some health advice in there that should be considered

"Anything that encourages over-utilization of antibiotics is a bad idea," Simms said Wednesday.

Michael Simms is the director of infectious disease and infection control for Saint Mary's Health System in Waterbury.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, sounds like you had a much wilder holday season that I had....

Anonymous said...

Antibiotics destroy "good" bacteria along with the "bad. Eat yogurt after you take antibiotics to replenish the "good" bacteria.