Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cheshire P.I. Gerry O'Donnell fighting for justice

Cheshire's own private investigator (and former CPD) Gerry O'Donnell gets a big writeup in today's Courant (by Dave Altimari). Gerry's been working on a case that appears may be a wrongful conviction of two people in a 1993 New Haven murder.

O'Donnell, hired by the public defender's office, spent more than three years reinvestigating DeLeon's murder, producing an 800-page binder complete with taped interviews of witnesses recanting their statements, newly uncovered DNA evidence and interviews with witnesses New Haven police never contacted during the original investigation.

O'Donnell's report even offers a potential suspect and an alternative theory to the police scenario that Taylor and Gould killed DeLeon during the last robbery in an overnight crime spree to get money to buy cocaine.

If you ever need a private investigator, I recommend giving him a call.

Tim White

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