Sunday, November 02, 2008

NHRs review of some Cheshire races

The NHR has a bunch of articles on races that touch Cheshire. They discuss the 90th House race between a Connecticut for Lieberman candidate, Peter Votto, and a Democrat, Mary Fritz. On Votto, the NHR writes:

“Fiscal responsibility is No. 1 on the list right now for the state,” he said. “I think we need to refocus our tax on corporations. ... I think small business is where we need to give the most help.”

He doesn’t believe tax breaks are the way to go, preferring to reduce state spending.

Votto’s other major interest is in promoting clean energy via the electric utilities’ Energy Efficiency Fund and the state’s Clean Energy Fund.

“I think we need to keep the pressure on and in the future do all we can to promote plug-in hybrids,” he said, pointing out that Connecticut is on “the leading edge of state programs around the country.”

As for his opponent, there's no way I would ever consider voting for her. If you believe there are problems in Hartford, then as a member of the Legislative leadership... the blame needs to be placed at her doorstep. Click here for a sample of why I strongly disagree with her politics.

The NHR also discusses the state's 103rd House race, the state's 16th Senate race and the US Congressional race for the CT-5.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I think the NHR reporter is in the bag for Esty. She is not the quasi-conservative she plays for the press.

Anonymous said...

I think the best line in that article about the 103rd district is:

"Esty believes there is misspending at the state level"

No kidding!
Lets start with the $500K + Amann is giving to our town for turf.
How about all the misspending in our town?
If she can't control it in a town the size of CHeshire, how does she think she can do it in the state?

I am also annoyed with the letter that was hand delivered to my home today. Signed by the 4 other Dems on the council endorsing Esty.
The tell-tale line in the letter is this:
"Everything we have accomplished on the Council-stable budgets, a healthy surplus protecting us from the economic crisis we find ourselves in....---would have been impossible without Elizabeth Esty."
Then they want us to vote in favor of $3.6 Million on the referrendum questions? How healthy is that surplus??
The other interesting tid bit in that letter was her taking cedit for "one of the most generous senior tax relief programs" in the state. Wasn't it Al Adinolfi who spearheaded legislation to allow towns to freeze property taxes. Wasn't it Al who helped the seniors in Cheshire get the Dems to vote to give them tax relief?
I hate when we get these letters signed by 4 member od the Town Council. It looks like the Council is endorsing her. Maybe they want her out of town as well???

Anonymous said...

she could move back to California, where she grew up?