Saturday, November 01, 2008

GOP sign waving - Sunday Nov 2

Sign waving tomorrow at 11:00am - 1:00pm, at Town Hall - please stop any time during these two hours. If you have a sign, bring it with you.

Tom Ruocco

Also FWIW, Zogby says that McCain was ahead of Obama in yesterday's polling... though his high profile results are based on a three-day rolling average.

And has anyone seen any polling on the CT-5? I've seen polls with the CT-4 locked even between Shays & Himes and the CT-2 with Courtney clobbering Sullivan. But I still haven't seen any polling on our district.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

As with Dem's that were out in front of the Town Hall today, it is illegal to place political signs and and show in force on State highway property. The sidewalk in front of the Town Hall is considered State property. In the past State Highway workers have removed signs along the State roads, this should be no different. Maybe if the individuals were removed along with the signs this nonsense would stop.

Anonymous said...

And maybe if nobody cared, we could dispense with free elections, too.

Anonymous said...

What part of the "right to peaceably assemble" and "redress grievances" does the first guy have a problem with?

If campaign volunteers obstruct traffic, yeah, that's a problem. Waving signs from a public forum?

I suppose you must buy CITGO gas since suppressing speech is what they do in Venezuela

Anonymous said...

If it is illegal to assemble on state property than why does the State of Connecticut give its State employees the Catholic holy day of Good Friday off? Hypocrite

Anonymous said...

How about all the protests and support for causes at the state capitol and the white house. Give me a break 5:37.

Anonymous said...

My point is the rules are broken for the benefit of those that choose to demonstrate. Open up your eyes and see the double standards.