Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Elizabeth Esty wins by 193

I understand the final total margin of victory for Elizabeth Esty over Al Adinolfi was 193 votes after absentee ballots were counted.

That includes a 400 vote margin for Elizabeth in Hamden, while Al took Cheshire and Wallingford each by 100 votes.

And with regard to constituent service, I understand that Al has already started bringing Elizabeth up-to-date on outstanding issues.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

If Mrs Esty could have replaced Mary Fritz and Mr Adinolfi remained in his seat that would have been a positive for CT. Good luck to both in the future.

Tim White said...

State Rep-elect Esty would have been a massive improvement over either Fritz or Gaffey.

Anonymous said...

Esty lost in Cheshire...what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

That is close. Do they recount such a slim margin of victory?

Anonymous said...

Tis better she goes to Hartford, she will less damage to us in Cheshire in her new role than as Town Council member.