Thursday, November 06, 2008

2005 promise: Be Fiscally Responsible - in Project Design

A laughable claim...

In November 2005, the current Council majority campaigned on "fiscal responsibility."

Of course, no candidate is going to campaign on a platform of fiscal irresponsibility. So that's no surprise. But as I was perusing an old Herald, I noticed they attached this to their claim:

Be Fiscally Responsible - in Project Design and Budget Prioritization

Seriously. That is what they claimed - that they would be fiscally responsible with their "project design."

Didn't we spend $100,000 on Humiston for a design that went nowhere? And there's the $70k+ wasted on hotWatergate. Who can forget the $153k on the "cratered" financial software? And there's all that other anti-taxpayer budgeting.

Oh... the things people will say to get elected.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the consultant fees and the road pavement service costing $46K or so to name a couple more.

How is that new Munice software working? I only seem to hear that work has to be done in duplicate and that reports aren't available the new system causing more problems?

Anonymous said...

What about the shed that was supposed to be built by the pool to be used as storage? What amount was approved for that? How long ago? And when are we getting the shed?
What happens to all this money that never gets used for it's intended purposes? Who's sitting on it and who's collecting the interest?

Anonymous said...

What bothers me the most is that some people believe it. What are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Today's Waterbury paper says State education staff have suggested cuts as deep as 12.3% in the ECS grants or $237 million. It reports an estimated $726 million deficit next year.
Comments in the paper from Florio were that he's discussed "pretty dramatic changes" with his staff. Though without more precise numbers from the state, he isn't ready to start talking specifics. "The picture is pretty grim," Florio said.

I say skip the a/c for CHS, put off the locker room renovations (let the kids clean and paint the place since they're the ones who messed it up to begin with, freeze the budget, stop buying unnecessary stuff, ping pong tables, etc, and lastly request that the $525K already promised by the state for turf be used to offset 09-10 expenses like heating or books, etc...something worthwhile.
Let's see how fiscally responsible he and the Boe will be in this upcoming budget season.

Anonymous said...

The superintendent seems to be playing a game of chicken with the state concerning hoped for dollars.

The superintendent, school administrators and the BOE do not have a clue concerning fiscal responsibility. If they can adjust to lesser amounts of state funding if the state provides less funding why don’t they just go ahead now and adjust their bloated budgets down and maybe give town tax payers a much needed break.

Anonymous said...

All we need to know is in the year of the zero budget the sup asked for 2.1 mil increase and only got 234k, but yet he was able to meet all obligatory and contractual demands. So where did he get it from? Teacher retirements and the medical trust fund. One has to understand how the medical trust account works. It is used as a scam for other stuff. Just ask.