Thursday, July 02, 2009

New state law on massage parlors

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports on a new massage parlor law:

Law enforcement officials say they will look carefully at legislation signed last week by Gov. M. Jodi Rell that toughens penalties for businesses that claim to offer massage therapy but don’t have state Department of Public Health licensed employees...

Lt. Jay Markella, a Cheshire police spokesman, said the provision in the new law that allows police to check massage workers for state licenses will be helpful.

It'll be interesting to me to see how this plays out. I'm ok with addressing this in terms of health concerns. But I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of fingerprinting and photographing every legitimate masseuse in town.

I know several legitimate masseuses. One is a high school buddy of mine. The idea that he would have to get fingerprinted and photographed to be a masseuse seems like complete overkill to me.
Tim White


Anonymous said...

Another stupid law.
If I want to give licenses without a massage and/or pay for a massage from someone without a license, that's my business. I guess the argument is to stop prostitution. Well, if people truly own their own bodies they should be able to sell sex too.

Anonymous said...

Whoring should be legalized. It is the worlds oldest profession (dating to pre-biblical times) and would cut down on illness and crime.

Anonymous said...

"Whoring should be legalized. It is the worlds oldest profession (dating to pre-biblical times)"

Lawyers have been doing it as long, the only difference is that lawyers are allowed to legally screw everyone.

Anonymous said...

If prostitution were to be legalized, it would still have to be regulated. It is my business if my neighbor has johns coming to my neighborhood at all hours.