Friday, July 10, 2009

Malloy kicks off Q2 fundraising announcements

Chris MC of YourCT emailed me about Dan Malloy's fundraising this quarter. The (non) candidate for Governor raised $144,000.

Seems like a good number to me, considering there's absolutely no coverage of the race. The other thing that strikes me... CT passed a new public financing law that's supposed to take the money out of politics. Now when a candidate for Governor raises $250,000, the candidate then gets $3,000,000 in matching funds.

So why did this (non) candidate raise $144,000 this quarter? From what I understand, this is a loophole in the law. Since Malloy is "not" a candidate, he can raise and spend as much money as he wants.

Susie B and Governor Rell are also non-candidates. But different from Malloy, Governor Rell raised only $20,000 this quarter... which probably puts her on target for raising the $250,000 sometime next year. I have no idea how much money Susie B has raised.

Different from all the aforementioned non-candidates, Crusher is a declared candidate. And his campaign is supposedly broke. But I guess that makes sense, since Speaker Donovan retracted the offer of a $120,000 / yr no-show job.

Tim White

p.s. About Malloy's fundraising. His fundraising, despite public financing, is not intended to be a negative here. Rather, I'm saying the law itself is poorly written and should be changed. Dannel is simply dealing with the situation in which he finds himself.


mlnmatt said...

Bysiewicz raised about $2K less than Malloy, though Malloy has some weird accounting stuff in his, so it's a little hard to figure out if that $144K is solid.

Also, according to the current filing (here, page 220) Chris MC is actually employed by the Malloy campaign. That's not a big problem or anything, but probably something that should be disclosed.

tim white said...

True... Chris s/h mentioned that in the email, but I don't think he did. Regardless, he's been a big Malloy guy all along.

Interesting that Susan and Dannel hit almost the same exact number.

I almost feel bad for Crusher right now. OK... not really. But if he remains in the race, MLN and CT Bob will make the Dem primary so much more fun!

mlnmatt said...

I think their aims were mainly met when he left as Speaker, at least they're not driving the hearse around after him anymore!

There seems to be a small subset of people who want an extremely intense gubernatorial primary. But compared to state rep, state senate, state central, SOTS, US Senate, and possibly a couple others, I have to say that the Gov primary is a pretty low-impact race to my way of thinking.

Plus, I was watching the Malloy/DeStefano primary fight from afar in 06, and it was bar none the most annoying election campaign I've ever seen. And the sock puppetry on blogs! Chris is intense, but at least he's a real person who participates in discussions in and out of the campaign cycle. The half-dozen new signups with an out-of-the-blue compliment for X candidate's great leadership qualities on every CT-Gov post wears thin in a real hurry.

tim white said...

I think part of the difficulty in making the Guv race exciting is the reality that Jodi has skyhigh approval ratings. Until those drop, most people would prefer to focus on other races.

As for all the new personalities / handles on the blogs... I can't stand it. I actually loved it when Tessa (maybe Sara) tore into one of the Dodd supporters... she said something along the lines of "look... we like him... but we're not stupid... asking questions isn't tantamount to opposing him... so please... just shutup... we can find his press release without you posting them on MLN."

Ok... that's a paraphrase. But it was refreshing to see a "friendly" blast one of those ridiculous new commenters. They're really annoying.

Chris MC said...

respectfully, Matt, you need to read the filing more carefully. you have misrepresented the facts therein.

thanks for the otherwise accurate acknowledgment in your subsequent comment.

if anyone wishes to understand my motivation for supporting Malloy, they need look no further than the man's resume. if you seek to understand it more fully, attempt to identify a single individual of either party that has a comparable record and commitment in the matter.

i assert there is not a single competitor on that basis, and there is no other upon which we should elect our next governor.

mlnmatt said...

Chris, they filed the check to you as a "reimbursement to campaign worker."

Malloy's alright, I just think there are more valuable races to spend time on in the next 16 months. Respectfully, none of our candidates are laying the necessary pipe to defeat Rell, and our party is distracted with defending Dodd.

And the hyper-advocate dynamic (which plays out on the blogs, but not just on the blogs) makes it more likely that Bysiewicz people will walk on Malloy if he gets the nom, or that Malloy people will walk on Susan (as they did on DeStefano back in 06). The robotic hymns of praise for candidate x, the lectures directed towards the perfidious unions, the sock puppets, those things really do not cultivate support for candidates in the way people seem to think they do.

Chris MC said...

matt -
exactly: "rcw". after a thorough perusal of the filing you no doubt recognize that there is no payment to me other than that reimbursement, which is what it was. given the viral tendencies of the blogosphere, and the implications of your comment, getting the facts straight matters. specifically, suggesting that there has somehow been a lack of disclosure on somebody's part - mine or the exploratory committee's - is irresponsible of you (i think you made it clear you did not intend to be malicious).

i find the rest of your last comment a bit peculiar, but if you want to engage in a more substantive discussion of your views, you're welcome to ping me off-line.

mlnmatt said...

Hey Chris-

You're right, I have no problem and bear no malice, just noting that there's something of a formal relationship. There are 4 people who got RCWs -- Dan Malloy, Kate U, Matt G., and you.

I'm a DL in my town, and expect to send both Malloy and Bysiewicz delegates to the convention next year from my slate (each of us get to send 2 people plus ourselves to each convention). Frankly with all the things they'll be voting on, the nomination vote for Governor is just about the last thing I'm interested in stacking the deck for. I am concerned, though, with the fallout from the Governor's race seeping into our Congressional, State Senate, and State Rep races. If there's no vast policy gulf between the candidates -- just a "biography gap" -- I'd prefer that the race remain low-key, especially online.