Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comments on CHS' interim Principal

The NHRs Luther Turmelle did this piece on the incoming interim Principal for CHS. What caught my attention though was the comments below the article. And since the comment mentioned Milford, I googled him + Milford and found that he was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Milford schools in July 2007. Yet Turmelle's piece mentions that he moved to the private sector only 18 months ago.

Seemed like a quick change... and not necessarily any big deal. But definitely worthy of a question or two by the people in Humiston.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

He is the interim principal until a full time replacement is hired. He does not need to be scrutinized as much as the perminant principal should.

Anonymous said...

Ask anyone in the Milford education area and they will tell you why he was suddenly removed. It seems like it is public knowledge.Anyone who was involved knew about his issues.
He was on the fast track to be a superintendent until he ran into some of his own demons. That is why he left the education field entirely.
Florio and the BOE must know the background, that is why he is just the interim. They better know at least.
I am surprised that this is the best canidate we can find. There must be better ones out there.

Anonymous said...

Was he also the Director of Public Works in Milford at one time?

Anonymous said...

Just another body to take up space and shine Florio's shoes.

When is this school system ever going to moderize? It's no different than the 1940's or even older. The only difference it is totally run by the unions and is soley concerned with member benfits and the hell with the students, parents and taxpayers.