Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Council meeting - July 14, 2009

This had to be the shortest regular Council meeting I've ever attended (excluding the lively executive session that has two particular employees getting under my skin). I think we were all the way through the TMs report, committee reports and liaison reports by around 8:30pm.

And since the meeting was at the Senior Center (where the audio didn't record during our meeting there last September), I note that not all votes on new business were unanimous tonight. On the vote to change the job description of a sewer plant electrician, the vote was 6-3 (Ruocco, Sima and Slocum opposed). I say that simply because there's been some comments lately about how votes seem to always fall along party lines. And there have been plenty of non-party line votes over the past year and a half.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

It always seems to be the Republicans who brea party line.

Have you ever seen DeCaprio, Ecke, or Altieri vote against their party?