Thursday, July 16, 2009

Costa Rica and the blog

Una cerveza: $1
Dorm bed: $12
Zipline canopy tour: $60
Flight to Costa Rica: $344
Finally learning to use my digital camera: priceless

I made the mistake once of spending time on this blog, instead of focusing on my SO. I plan to never make that mistake again.

So starting with this trip, I'm moderating comments. As a result, your comments may not appear for a few days.

I'll definitely be posting again within ten days, but for the time being... I'm just having some apolitical fun. I'm guessing though that I'll post a few times at least over the course of the next week - maybe everyday - so you may want to visit... but I'm not sure. Anyway... that's the news and I am outta here!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What kind of camera? Remember to use the fill flash in the bright costa rican sunshine to eliminate harsh shadows... if there's one advanced trick to learn with your digi, it's how to use fill flash!!

have fun

Breachway said...

Connecticut's coast line not good enough for you Tim?