Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Local election candidates 2009

Here are the candidates that I recall from tonight's meetings (incumbents in green):

Council at-large

Joe Bartoli (R)
Anne Giddings (R)
Sylvia Nichols (R)
Jimmy Sima (R)
Tim Slocum (R)

Justin Adinolfi (D)
Matt Altieri (D)
Kerrie Dunne (D)
Mike Ecke (D)
Mike Evans (D)

Council 1st district

David Schrumm (R)
Sheldon Dill (D)

Council 2nd district

Tom Ruocco (R)
Matt Bowman (D)

Council 3rd district

Andy Falvey (R)
Laura Decaprio (D)

Council 4th district

Tim White (R)
Peter Talbot (D)

Board of Education

Sandy Pavano (R)
Anthony Perugini (R)
Bob Behrer (D)
Cathy Hellreich (D)
Steve Mrowka (D)

Planning & Zoning

Sean Strollo (R)
EJ Kurtz (R)

Gil Linder (R)

and I can't remember any more of the Dems who are running.

Among the above positions, the Council's Matt Hall and PZCs Dave Veleber are the only people who are walking away. Though I've had significant differences with Matt on policy, I thank him for his service.

Other positions on the ballot include:

Town Clerk (Carolyn Soltis - R), P&Z alternate (Ed Gaudio - R), ZBA (Marion Nero - R), ZBA alternate (Lou Murray - R) and Constable.

Any predictions?

I think this is the strongest field of candidates fielded by the GOP in quite a while. I wouldn't be surprised to see a return of GOP majorities on both the Council and BOE. (Each body has one seat Dem majorities.) And with Strollo and Kurtz running for reelection to the PZC, I'm guessing that'll stay a GOP majority. But we'll see what happens in November!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Nice to see David Schrumm coming back, we need a person like him in these tough economic times.

As for Matt Bowman....Does his business have the school contracts for the boilers or are they trying to get them? IAren't there major conflicts there?
After seeing how he manipulated the TC during Hot Watergate, how can anyone want someone like that to help make the important decisions of this town.
If Andy Falvey can't beat a puppet like DeCaprio, then the people of the 3rd district aren't paying attention to what is going on in this town.
Lets hope the Rep. can win this November and help stop the bleeding of money that this majority doesn't see.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you can mention to Marilyn that now that we are in the election season, perhaps they can get the Cheshire GOP web site up and running??
It would be a great way to get the message out.

tim white said...

"Lets hope the Rep. can win this November and help stop the bleeding of money that this majority doesn't see."

I think the critical issue is finding five people who are willing to direct staff.

The current Council is loathe to do so... even when a member of senior management gets an exorbinant raise and a new car... or simply screws up project after project costing the taxpayers far more than one's annual salary.

tim white said...

The current Council is loathe to do so... even when a member of senior management gets an exorbinant raise and a new 2009 car because the 2008 is too old.

Anonymous said...

Who would that be Tim?
And how do they get away with it?

Anonymous said...

Matt Bowman, ugh. Just the kind of self-serving self-interest they would nominate. If Bowman, Altieri, and Ecke form a new council majority, this town will be seriously down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the TM is updating his resume....

Anonymous said...

the rep. slate...
another lodge meeting...
dems retain control 7-2
schrumm just won't go away-someone needs to tell him..it's over

Anonymous said...

And who would you want to replace Milone? R-J today painted him as an asset we would not want to risk loosing.

Schrumm should stay retired. He was on the council when the town garage expansion was first proposed. Did he ever once ask about the project status? Did he ever question why it was not being done? He has nothing to offer anymore

Anonymous said...

I can see the Dems already getting nervous. With Schrumm, you get a proven leader who knows how to say no to ridiculos spending, unlike our current leader.

If the Dems do miraculously get the majority, this town will be in deep financial trouble. I don' see 1 canidate on their slate capable of dealing with budgets.
Ecke??A CPA in his own mind
Altieri?? A coach hung up on turf
Dill?? A nice guy but clueless
DeCaprio?? A puppet
Bowman?? A joke who manipulated the council to win a bid
Adinolfi?? A proven liar

Not one of them is capable of getting us out of this mess, only getting us in deeper!

It's over for the Dems is what I see. lets hope the town is sensible enough to see it.

Anonymous said...

If I recall, white bowman was hired to fix someone elses problem. Can't hold that against matt as he did not cause the problem.

Anonymous said...

The Dems putting up Matt Bowman shows their blatant arrogance and contempt for the voters’ intelligence. Like trying to put the fox in charge of the hen house.

Anonymous said...

schrumm's big lies so far
budget chair 14 years...lie
knows where the money is hidden...
tell us whrere..
no truth there
and tim will have his hands full
his district is full of dems and unalf. who are sick of his immature lack of follow through

Anonymous said...

If I recall, white bowman was hired to fix someone elses problem. Can't hold that against matt as he did not cause the problem.

White Bowman won the bid for the Norton Boiler after he already knew what the other low bid was. Then he came in and began finding all kinds of "problems" that were not visible during the bidding process.

Since we don't have experts to see that, then we were at his mercy and were forced to pay the additional costs.

I agree with 3:50, putting Matt Bowman up is arrogance to the voter's intelligence. Lets hope they see through that.

I sure hope the Republicans come out swinging.

Anonymous said...

Your intelligence is really showing in the way you write your posts. Don't have a clue as to what you are trying to say.

All I know is, Tim's district didn't change that much and if they see how this current majority has been making decisions, they will realize that we all need someone like Tim to ask the tough questions. We don't need TC members like Ecke who rolls his eyes at everyone who questions his decisions or DeCaprio who would rather sit and chat with friends while residents speak about important topics concerning this town.
We need to change the majority.

mountain road said...

Tim asks for predictions, so here goes.

Sima, Slocum, Adinolfi, and two toss-ups

1st: toss-up
2nd: Ruocco
3rd: Falvey
4th: White

So even with three toss-ups, the Republicans take the majority.

Anonymous said...

the republicans will lose because we will make sure cindy kleist wins as an independent for town council and be the most powerful person in cheshire-also someone better watch their signs

Anarchy in Cheshire

Anonymous said...

So 609/Anarchy is saying that Cindy Kleist's supporters will vandalize signs on people's property? What a class act.

Is Cindy an Anarchist too? How can someone be an Anarchist and "the most powerful person" in town? I thought Anarchists were against all government.

Anonymous said...

The BOE is the important race. 70% of the town's budget. Look out. The R's only need one. Two out of the three D's hardly ask any questions at meeings and the other has "TURF TOE" .

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Dill had to change his underwear when he learned his opponent would be Schrumm.

Anonymous said...

Lots of talk here but so far not many ideas to help this town transition from what it was 5 or 10 years ago to what it is going to be 5 or 10 years from now.

The next TC needs to stand up and take strategic charge of the municipal town management making them every bit as accountable for poor performance of their areas as if they worked in private industry. The next TC needs to eliminate tax increases. The next TC needs to throttle the BOE free spending behaviors.

It doesn't really matter if the TC is Democrat or Republican so long as it performs. That being said a Republican majority seems more advantageous to residents then a Democrat majority based upon the track record of this town's Democrats.

Anonymous said...

let's thank Matt Hall, a real gentleman, for his years of service.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the funniest thing I have read on this blog in a long time....
You are quite the jokester aren't you?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If the 2nd district race was awarded on class, Tom Ruocco would already have won. Good luck, Tom. Try to keep your lunch down when you have to run against the likes of your opponent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tom's opponent probably already ate Tom's lunch as well.

Anonymous said...

"I am guessing Dill had to change his underwear when he learned his opponent would be Schrumm."

Dill has too many conflicts of interest and has a proven record of supporting the local developers and realtors instead of the taxpayers. He should just resign.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans new challenge will be Mrs. Rells new tax increases. Increasing the tax burden on the low and middle class will certainly help the Dems in all levels of government. I support the Dems plan to tax the rich more and be less dependant on the working class

tim white said...

What we need to do is waste less money. I wonder if anyone has asked William Fritz to return the paychecks he collected while he obviously wasn't doing his job up on I-84. Oh wait... I better be careful... Mary might get upset with me for pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13

Define working class....I bet you fall into that group. (me too) I would argue the working class has to be less dependent...along with just about everyone else.

If you want to stay working lets face it you can't tax business and industries out of our towns, out of our state, and out of our nation. This country is approaching a level where almost 50% of its citizens don't pay federal income taxes. Where is the equity in that?

TPS 1285lilac

Anonymous said...

I agree you cannot tax businesses to the point they leave town/state, but we can tax the CEO's, CFO's, and couples making $500,000 a year. There is no reason that they cannot contribute a little more to the services they use. Why should everything fall on the people making minimum wage or families just getting by? The Dems plan taxes all social classes and creates 4X's the revenue as Rells.

Rell is going to be the downfall of Republicans state wide with her plan.

Anonymous said...

Hey the job market is horrible--not too mny CEO jobs;shape of things to com

Anonymous said...

Adinolfi? Consider:
1. His unrelenting support for paving over the north end with retail...yes box stores too....AND more residential. Just what we need. He was working very hard with the developers and had to have some financial skin in the game. The mall was a bad idea the the recession saved us from...so far!
2. Remember Justin's insider deal when he got $20,000 from the Stretton Dem Council to do the "Strategic Plan" (which also held seeds of the Mall idea years before the developers showed their hand). The town has done similar work in the past using volunteers (CDAP is one example) and we didn't need Justin but he needed our $20,000.
3. Justin's wife is a teacher in the Cheshire schools. Do you think he will EVER vote to restrain BOE spending? This will be an ongoing conflict of interest. He should not be on the Council for this reason alone. Remember: teacher's union is getting 4.4% raises each year for three years guaranteed......how about you folks out there? How is your raise going?
4. Justin was fined by the state for campaign violations the last time he ran. Justin feels he doesn't have to follow the rules like the rest of us?
5. Don't you think the Herald ought to let people know that his daughter is interning for the Herald? She helped write the lead story last week. Hmmmmm. The Herald is getting like the NYT with respect to journalistic ethics....or is that an oxymoron?