Monday, July 27, 2009

Had a great time in Costa Rica & Panama!

And now I'm back and looking forward to the capital budget. I think the first two meetings are this week on Wednesday and Thursday. And in the political arena, the GOP and (presumably) the Dems have their respective caucuses on Tuesday night to determine the slates for the upcoming elections.

Now to bed! My flight out of Atlanta was delayed four hours... so just got home... a bit later than I had hoped.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

welcome back. Mind explaining to the council majority how we are going to pay for the supervisor pay raises and the teacher's contract now that the town's largest taxpayer is about to shut down?

Oh, I forgot. Marty Coburn will suggest rezoning the Pratt facility so someone can build Co-Op City there. That will balance thr town budget. Sure

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Tim!

And, Co-op City isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

welcome back--lots to catch up on

Anonymous said...

Thank God you're back....
It was boring without you!