Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Turf will be "privately" funded

The Herald's Josh Morgan reports on the Turf Committee:

the subcommittee will recommend that the extra costs not covered by the grant be raised from “private” funds and donations.


While the Turf Chairman, Bob Behrer, may sincerely believe that... anyone who follows local politics knows the reality that Councilman Turf believes his goal should not be questioned... we should just accept our fate. And his counterpart... well... Councilman "Truth" has his own "way" with words.

I hope Cheshire's Political Class gets a rude awakening in November.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Lets hope this doesn't get anywhere until a new slate of TC members come in.

How and why should it even go to the TC without knowing all the costs involved and how they plan on getting the rest of the money?

As you said 3 1/2 years ago, it is putting the cart before the horse.

If this committee shows up again without facts and figures, the TC should dis-band them. They should have had all that info a year ago when they came before the council.

Who will be running against Altieri? Lets hope it is a strong canidate who can show him for the fraud that he is.

Anonymous said...

Their promise to pay the difference with private funds could be just posturing before the election. Then if the Dems win the council again, they'll be back to expecting the town to pay the difference.

The timing of this so close to the election is suspicious. Otherwise, they would have already come up with a cost estimate and private fundraising plans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure...the Turf will be privately funded and the pool will be self sufficient...I heard it all before.

Anonymous said...

I thought any project in town that exceeded the referendum level of 365k had to go to the voters for approval regardless of where the funds came from.

Bill said...

If the turf project will be funded by private funding then the entire school system should be funded by those that have kids in the system.

Greg S. said...

DISCLAIMER: I am totally opposed to the artificial turf practice field.

It's just one more of those things that we simply don't need. But I will say that I can see what the pro-turf people see in it. Stamford just put in a turf field in one of their town parks and it really is a thing of beauty. I don't know how it feels to run around on it and get tackled on it but it does look damn good.

Anonymous said...

Privately funded or not this has to be brought to referendum. The replacement cost in 10 years will be incurred by the taxpayers and they should have a say.

Anonymous said...

What is it going to take for people in Cheshire to realize what dire dtraits the econommy is in???

Anonymous said...

One thought that almost escaped me is that the town council is suppose to authorize any grant requests that are made on behalf of the town. What was the vote breakdown and can you repost some of the information from the initial vote?

Anonymous said...

This is such BS. The turf committee just a few months ago said the economy was is such poor shape they decided to hold off on furthering this project. But they probably really meant to say, "we're just waiting for the school & town budget issues to quiet down, then we'll push this through...we've got to get final boe & tc approval before elections!"

Anonymous said...

Is this like saying the same about the baseball fields that were going to be privately funded??

All I'll say is I would never willingly help fund artificial turf. It's bad enough that some of my State tax dollars are being used for this unnecessary project.

If the council had any sense they'd use the grant money for something we need not something a certain group wants.