Thursday, March 27, 2008

A grievance? Never!

According to the WRA:

Casual dress privileges on Fridays have been restored to the police department's administrative lieutenant and training officer, under a settlement between the Cheshire Police Union and the town last week. (by Jodie Mozdzer)

Question for you: With regard to the relationship between the Town's upper management and all other town staff...

Is this an indication of a bigger rift?
Yes, but the rubberstampers ignore it
No, you're just mean-spirited!
Doesn't matter. Altieri said the Council does not need to know* free polls

* See meeting minutes here.

"These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along."

- Obi-Wan Kenobi

But on a serious note... a suggestion for all bloggers... if you happen to be friends with anyone who works for the town and your friend trusts you... ask them about the relationship between town staff (him/her) and upper management. Unlike Matt Altieri apparently believes, I think it is the responsibility of Council members to have a basic grasp on employee morale.

And finally... for the record, this is precisely the type of article of which the Council should be made aware before it hits the headlines, IMO. And yes, for four years I've been asking to be given a head's up before I learn of things in the newspapers... but I get nowhere. Thankfully, I was ahead of the curve on this one... too bad for the town employees that the rubberstampers are so far behind the curve... and, even worse, are giving the impression that they're comfortable staying there.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

When you have unions or non-union workers vs management you will always have diffeences of opinion. This is life. It isn't a perfect world. Hopefully they can work things out.

Tim White said...

you will always have diffeences of opinion. true enough... but it seems to me that in any such situation, there is a point at which management is right and a point at which non-mgt is right. IMO, there are times when the Council must pass judgment.

Hopefully they can work things out. I agree. But if a Board of Directors is out to lunch... and management does not bring issues to their attention... will things ever work out? Or will non-management start voting with their feet and find work elsewhere? Would that be an appropriate way to "work things out?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will be differences, but when management is "always" right and that's the end of it, there will never be anything to be worked out in an "adult" manner. Grievances=Retalition. It's like a child stamping his feet. Cheshire management has "never" admitted to have been wrong. That is the problem.

Anonymous said...

"Casual friday" with all that is happening in the world I wish that was are only problem what to wear to work on friday. Some people wish that they could go to work on friday period. Where are the priorities?

Anonymous said...

Having "casual Friday" impies that you actually dress up on the other days. Most work places are fairly casual anyway (meaning no suits and ties anymore) so to dress down even more gets almost sloppy looking.

Tim White said...

I presume that most officers wear their uniforms usually. And "dressing down" would mean anything other than the uniform... perhaps khakis, perhaps jeans, etc.

But this post was intended to be considered in a broader sense... beyond just this particular grievance.

Anonymous said...

Casual fridays is meaningless, the point being that this was retaliation for something else. Taking something away from certain groups to "get back" at them is the issue. Managing people this way is detrimental to a work force, both in effectiveness and forming a cohesive workforce.

Anonymous said...

As a town employee, the issue with the town is Lou Zullo, he is negative, arrogant, and condescending during all interactions, especially during negotiations. Although during negotiations, he indicates that his stance and intentions are clearly outlined by the Council, which govern the tone of the meetings, so would this mean, the coucil advocates this behavior....... All earlier negotaitions, when handled by Milone personally, were fair and civil.