Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Independence Day

As I mentioned previously, I had the honor of offering comments about Roger Sherman at New Haven's Independence Day ceremony in the Grove Street Cemetary. Ralph Zingarella spoke about George Washington's aide to camp, General David Humphreys. And if you're wondering about the Cheshire connection for a New Haven event, the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution lead the event. And Cheshire's Marshall Robinson takes a lead role in that capacity. I really enjoyed it.

Then I stopped by mom & dad's place to see the first annual Brentwood / Pound Ridge / Ridgecrest Fourth of July parade. With children (of all ages) on bikes, moms, dads and dogs dressed in red, white & blue... the whole neighborhood marched or pedaled the route (Pound Ridge circle to Brentwood circle and back). Alderson's Dan Ford even added his own little touch... special thanks to MW! And I hope Mike and Kiki pass along a special thanks to their parade organizers on behalf of the 4th District!

Finished up the afternoon by helping my dad with the Mason's annual Independence Day flag count.

And currently taking a break from cutting the lawn.

Fireworks at Kurtz Farms tonight? I'm not sure, but when I checked their website... it seems that they're getting into TV:

Kinda funny, I think.

I hope everyone is having a good Independence Day.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I thought everyone on the TC & key Towns emloyee's all got invitations to the Kurtz fireworks? Did you go Tim?

Anonymous said...

I had a great time on the 4th, I went to Brooksvale Park. It has as a lot of similarity to Mixville. A ball filed, a pond and a nice place to picnic or take a walk in a natural environment. It's just great to bird watch and get close to natural environment.

It was also very nice that I could just drive in and park and nobody asked me what town I was from. They say they get a lot of people from other towns, a lot from Cheshire, but that's just the way it should be. I hope they don't follow Cheshire's implementation of fees, but I think if I lived in Hamden, I might want to give Cheshire a hard time too.

The Fourth of July is an annual celebration of our universal freedom, so let's open our hearts and share our parks and resources, aren't we all americans, even if we live in different towns.

Anonymous said...

Lot of class tim, laughing at a family that puts on a fireworks show for the town at their expense. The tc members that they support were all invited. F.Y.I.- that 40 minute show cost them about $75,000

Anonymous said...

Do they pull permits for this?
Is the Fire Dept. and Police Dept. on standby?
Who pays for that?

tim white said...

12:44... huh? Where'd you get that? Why would you say I'm laughing at someone? And this is the second time you suggested that I got a personal invitation. Yet as far as I recall, in the six years I've been on the Council - I've never gotten an invitation. Which doesn't mean anything to me. But it does make me wonder - why would presume to know the personal mail that I get?

tim white said...

I reread my post... the walking tomatoe was funny... if that was your concern. Though I'm still concerned why you presume to know such personal things about me.

Anonymous said...

Tim, it's because that person is an idiot who is just trying to find fault with you, but is not having any luck.
I wouldn't worry about it.
You said nothing derogatory about the Kurtz family.

Anonymous said...

you never got invited because the Kurtz's do not support you.

Anonymous said...

If the Kurt's are that shallow then the town should really enforce the laws and make them pay for safety when doing these illegal fireworks displays.

To only invite some council members and not others is extremely low.

Anonymous said...

All, Rest assured Kurtz Farms pays for the fireworks, 4 police officers (double time bc a holiday), and four fire department members at the same double time rate. We also pay for all permits, extra insurance and pay for our own clean up---for our private party.

The 4th of July is a wonderful time of the year for all of us who work at the farm as it signals the end of our busy season. (as we many times are busy all the other holidays shipping plants). We are also proud patriots...

We enjoy doing do this for our friends and family.

Sorry it's caused such a concern

Jennifer Kurtz Nyberg

ps...thanks for the Urban Gardener compliments..I have worked hard on that program

Tim White said...

"Sorry it's caused such a concern"

No, Jen. I apologize to you. I just enjoyed your commercial (I can tell that took a lot of work) and just wanted to show it to people. Unfortunately, this blog's local conspiracy theorist (serious professional help is needed for that one) decided to create something out of nothing.

Regardless, I enjoyed your commercial. It actually got me thinking a little bit more about gardening (started composting last year, but living alone makes we wonder about the benefit of gardening for me).

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what 4 fire department members are getting paid? Double time at that??I thought just the Chief and Deputy Chief were paid? Am I wrong?

Kurtz Farm has always beed a very good company to this town, so I don't think they deserve any bashing here, especially over a comment that Tim said a commercial was funny. It was made to be funny, wasn't it?

I think there is one vermon who likes to pick apart whatever Tim says or does.
I am sure the Kurtz fireworks were wonderful. You really don't need to be invited to see them, I believe they go up in the sky.
This person just wanted to get Tim going, but it doesn't work, this person is just too stupid to realize it.

Anonymous said...

no conspiracy theories--but if you invite many if not all of the Town key operatives & treat them to surf & turf--which I have no doubt the festivities are a 1st Class operation-aren't you in a subtle way buying favoritism? Wonder if the (Kurtz) would publish the invite list???