Monday, May 04, 2009

Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch deliberations and sewers

In an effort to ensure the Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch project doesn't turn into another Bush Bailout with "unforeseen" AIG bonuses, I've emailed the Council Chairman twice requesting that the easement get vetted by the Budget Committee*. I sent my first request last Tuesday to the Council Chair with a "cc" to the Budget Committee Chairman and the TM.

I got less of a response than this.

So I tried again on Saturday. But this time I emailed the whole Council. Councilman Altieri responded.

I appreciated Councilman Altieri's response, but the problem is... I requested the Budget Committee discuss this.

Who knows? Maybe it's just "coincidental" and neither the Council Chairman nor Budget Committee Chairman have gotten my emails. And perhaps it hasn't come up in conversation with the TM. Who knows?

I mean... they certainly wouldn't be trying to avoid a discussion on this Countrywide-style sweetheart deal, right?


While this Council prefers to use the Jedi Mind Trick:

They seem to have learned that doesn't work well on me. So now they're employing Washington-style tactics - deny, defer, delay.

It's sad that this is how Town business is conducted.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested to see a map of the sewers and where Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch fits into the Town sewers. And FWIW, I penciled in the proposed road. But I'm not sure where exactly it'll come out on Wiese Road. My sketch was just to give a general idea.Tim White

* Recall, when I asked the benefit to the Town for granting this easement, we were told it would be a "tax positive." So doesn't it make sense for the Budget Committee to review that assertion?


Anonymous said...

I like that you are putting Paine's Commom Sense here, perhaps some of the TC members will read it since they seem to be lacking it lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim:

I don't understand what is going on. Did P&Z and Inland Wetlands approve a development of about 18 separate houses and now the developer wants to build 41 units?

As for the Dems on the TC, I don't trust them as they are in the control of the local developers.

Some of the Dems should recuse themselves as they have conflicts of interest, Hall with his law firm's realestate closing business and Dill as president of the Chamber of Commerce of which the developer is a member.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Tim, if his bank is in anyway associated with a builder.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget Tim, if his bank is in anyway associated with a builder.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comment above I just don't get it, how did P&Z and Inland approve a sub division which can't be hooked to a sewer in the first place? Did those commissions assume the town would just through in some land to help out with private development?

Bill said...

The Town would be better off being run by the Taliban, at least we would know what and who we have to deal with upfront.

Anonymous said...

The key to this development is SEWERS. Without the connection to town sewers the developer would not be able to cram 41 units into 31 acres of land. Instead, he could build single family dwellings with septic systems.....maybe a dozen or so given the topography and soils in that area.
The developer went to the state to get the state conservation map changed so he could get the connection to the public sewer system through WPCA to maximize his profit. When we have to expand the treatment plant in a few years because of boneheaded moves like this on the part of the town, all of us will have to pay higher taxes. Maybe Mr. Brodach, Fazzone and Hall(who enabled the coverup) will donate a park to the town someday. Then us homeless folks (since we will not be able to afford our homes anymore) can sleep on the benches.

Anonymous said...

The dots are now being connected. When Hall and Esty booted a very talented and hardworking Chairman of the WPCA (remember "Shananigate" a few years back?)they started the process of dismantling a very professional commission here in Cheshire. After they knocked off the Chairman (and tried to blame Slocum if I remember correctly) another member (a very good one!) quit out of frustration with the political meddling. The other members were systematically replaced by trustworthy D's who didn't know anything about engineering or sewer systems. it is no surprise that sewers were eventually "approved" for this development....the WPCA is in a state of confusion and made a dumb decision.
Then again, hasn't the developer's wife started making contribution to the D's over the last couple of election cycles?
Has pay to play come to Cheshire?
You decide.

tim white said...

11:49... true. But I'm unaware of any relationship.

Also, FWIW, while I voted on the fund balance policy... I stayed far away from the conversations that included advice from my employer.

Anonymous said...

If approved, Hall will most likely get many of the the closings.

It looks like the town didn't give any input to the changing of the conservation map because it was beneficial to all concerned except the taxpayers. As like other things, do nothing if it benefits special interests.

Has pay to play come to Cheshire?
It's been like that for a long time, only now with the 5 Dems on the council, it is worse.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a town planner? Isn't his/her job to look out for changes that would IMPACT the town?

Anonymous said...

Tim White is an idiot