Sunday, May 03, 2009

A few more thoughts on the trash hauling bid

Yesterday the Solid Waste Committee Chair, Matt Altieri, announced the results of the trash hauling bid. In this post I offered:

1) the 2009 - 2014 bid numbers,
2) the 2004-2009 bid numbers, and
3) the 1999-2009 actual trash hauling costs.

Since last night, two more thoughts came to mind that seem relevant to the trash hauling discussion. First is the TMs proposed budget for '09/'10 trash hauling services:I don't recall the Council changing the TMs proposed number for trash hauling services. So any variance (savings or cost) should likely be measured against this number. Though I still want to get my hands around this number itself. As I questioned yesterday, what was the baseline dollar amount used for the 2.3% increase which presumably led to this number in the budget? Was the baseline amount:

1) $823,000
2) $865,000 or
3) $1,105,000?

The second thought is a question - Who is Coastal Sanitation, Inc.? The only thing I found on google was this. They appear to be a startup.

Tim White


Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

The backround of Coastal Sanitation should be available in the bid packet. I too tried to find out some information on this company and found a Manta page that showed the annual income at $120,000 and owned by a Dale Lebloc. If you check the address Manta gives, it is in the middle of a residential neighborhood like the one Tim lives in.

Anonymous said...

2 employees?
They are going to be very busy.

Robert DeVylder Jr said...

Did a little more snooping around, and I could not find any more information on Coastal Sanitation other than what is posted on Manta. I did find a Coastal Waste Services out of Stamford, (also located in a residential neighborhood) and the same name and phone number in a residential neighborhood in Southington (same deal again). What I am sensing is either they just started, dont want to be found, or are opperating out of the back of a pickup truck.

Really dont know anything about them. If they filled out the bid forms correctly, they should already own trucks, have drivers, insurance and dot numbers in place. These are some of the requirements stated in the town bid package. Tim should ask for this information so the tax payers have an idea who may be working in our neighborhoods.

I would like to know more about this company.

Anonymous said...

Tim, aren't bid bonds required when bids are submitted to the Town; these are different from PERFORMANCE bonds (after bid is awarded). Requiring a bid bond would ensure there is some moxie behind the company who is bidding.
Also, wouldn't a bidding company be required to submit some sort of universal credit appliation, which would include a DUNS number that would allow Town Purchasing to review the strength of the company bidding?

Doesn't sound like that professional of a Purchasing group in TH.

Anonymous said...

It's really bigger than the professional purchasing group at TH.

Pretty interesting numbers, the incumbent winds up coming in a distant 2nd to some new bidder. We've already been told the TC was almost ready with a no-bid extension for one of the now HIGH BIDDERS.

Could this mean town taxes might go down a small amount, after all it looks like trash hauling expenses just could be going down?

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

Looking at the numbers, it appears that the town has some work to do. I expected AJ to bid more after they tried to help the town and had it thrown in their faces. It appears that AJ has had it with the town and figured that they can part ways by bidding high. If Coastal cant perform by the contract, the contract would revert to AJ and the higher amount. It would be a nice, $200,000 "I told you so". If the council decides Coastal is not up to the requirements, AJ makes more money because the town wouldnt accept the waiver.

Bill said...

Where is the spin from the Town on this deal? The lowest bidder wins, at least that is how things have worked in the past. an it be the lowest bidder this time is not the favorite?

Makes no difference what research shows, companies will hide their capabilities & assets.

Anonymous said...

Mr Galante sold one of his companies based in Stratford to his nephew who renamed it Coastal. The new owner is heavy in the mob

Anonymous said...

So, do we get an insurance contract also. Is his first name Christopher?

Anonymous said...

"It would be a nice, $200,000 "I told you so".Or, it could it could be an "I told you so" for those who wanted the "legal" bid process to take place, if Coastal is legitimate.

They were recommended by the city of Bridgeport.
Lets check them out first before we throw away their bid.