Saturday, May 02, 2009

Trash hauling bids arrived

This evening I received the trash hauling bids from the Solid Waste Chairman, Matt Altieri. I have no idea why staff didn't send this out to the full Council, but here it is:There's a Solid Waste meeting scheduled for Tuesday night. We'll be further discussing these proposals then. In the meantime, I think it's worth noting that the previous bid waiver proposal for a one-year extension included about a 2.3% increase over the current contract price. But I'm not even sure what the baseline number is that would be increased by 2.3%.

I think the problem is that these proposals are estimates based on two numbers:

1) cost to haul / ton
2) number of tons

Regardless, below are the details of the two different numbers.

For comparison purposes, here are the actual costs incurred on the trash hauling contract over the past few years:And here are the bid numbers received back in 2004. These would be the equivalent numbers of the bids we just received:The two numbers that seem relevant to me are the actual 07/08 costs of $865,000... and the proposed contractual 08/09 costs of $823,000. I'm figuring you could tack 2.3% on to either one of those numbers to get a sense of the bid waiver proposal that was rejected.

Tim White

UPDATE: One other number to consider is the six months of actual 08/09 costs. Multiply by two and we have a cost of $1,105,000. Perhaps that's the best benchmark number for comparison purposes.

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Bill said...

Using the past awarding logic for contract it appears Coastal would get the contract. This will be interesting to watch how the town hall group will spin this to AJ gets the contract. Words like prudent, past performance, a known entity will be used. They have used "qualifies lowest bid" in the past, this time they will claim Coastal is not qualified in some strange sense. Send in your tax dollars to spin machine needs another tank of fuel.