Sunday, June 08, 2008

Was that a tornado?

I just lost two trees and a big limb... one with a diameter that looks close to 12". Does anyone know if a tornado came through south Cheshire? I'm not sure, but we had winds that were incredibly strong for just a few minutes while the nickel-sized hail was coming down.

Tim White


tim white said...

I'm convinced it was a tornado. There's a line of trees that each got ripped off... anywhere from 15' to 30' above the ground.

The one exception is a tree around the corner which had the CPD and CFD closing down half of my street, until they cleared the monstrous old tree out of the way.

tim white said...

Lucky nobody got hurt in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I parked under a tree near staples to avoid the quarter-sized hail after a near miss lightning strike on Higgins. Although the pounding rain came in at a slant, there wasn't too much wind. You're not far from there, so I do think there was some localized weather not unlike a tornado.

Over by my place in north cheshire I saw very little debris, but down the hill around a corner most lawns had downed limbs. Lots of small-scale fury here and there.

Anonymous said...

How about this?

Tornadoes usually follow a path...think the 1989 twister which hit Cornwall, Litchfield, Waterbury, and Hamden.....skipping along parallel a few miles east of Rt 63

Anonymous said...

All the down trees are facing in the same direction. Straight line winds, I believe.

Anonymous said...

No, not a tornado, just hot air and nonsense from Town Hall