Thursday, June 12, 2008

School lunch price increase

As reported by the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

Prices will increase by 25 cents at the town’s elementary school and at Dodd Middle School next fall after the town’s Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the increase recommended by Madeleine Diker, the district’s food service director.

School lunches at Cheshire High School will increase by 35 cents, Diker said Friday.

“What everybody is seeing when they go to their local grocery store, we’re seeing a larger scale,” she said. “We’re not able to get as much food for our dollars as we used to.”

This reminds me of a few years ago when I spoke at Dodd in relation to Liberty Day. In an effort to keep the kids involved (rather than them just listening to me bore them), I asked them for their concerns... their no. 1 concern? Lunch prices. They were really upset about the price of their lunches increasing. Unfortunately... this is a reality that the cafeteria services can't avoid.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I think even with this slight increase the new lunch prices are still quite reasonable. At the elementary level there are seven entre choices all which include an 8 oz milk, 4 oz 100% juice, fresh or canned fruit choice, plus salad or vegetable or whole wheat roll. Well worth the $2.25. You couldn't pack a lunch with the same items from the grocery store for less than that.
The lunch program is self sustaining and does not rely on the board of education for funding. They pay their own staff and buy all their own equipment, food and supplies.

tim white said...


I took today off and went to the Notch for lunch. There's stuff there that cheaper, but I spent $8 on a special (which was really good and worth it).

The reality is that food prices are increasing.

I don't if anyone else saw these segments, but I only get ABC on TV now. So if I get home at 6:30 and eat something then... I occasionally turn on the ABC news... and about a month ago they were running a series on the dire straits in which many countries now find themselves... particularly with staples, such as rice.

Kinda scary, I think.

Back to the point though... $2.25 sounds like a bargain to me.