Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The bleeding continues

From the MRJs Stacy Graham Hunt:

The Town Council approved an additional $20,000 to be appropriated to the Community Pool account.

"We have to have the appropriation to pay these bills," said

Ummm... no we don't. Who says? Oh wait...

Staff requested this money because it is illegal for the town to end the fiscal year, which ends July 1, with a deficit.

So I guess the Council had to appropriate the money. Right?

Wrong. We could've directed the TM to keep the Council abreast of pool happenings in a timely manner (such as the Sept '07 purchase not in the budget)... and knowing about the excessive spending may have led the Council to "defund" the pool... such that it would be shut down prior to June 30 and therefore could no longer incur expenses. But I almost forgot:

Sidenote here... while GWB gets consistently beat up... I give him enormous credit for at least one accomplishment in office. He convinced even the likes of Charlie Wrangel and Teddy Kennedy to acknowledge that Social Security has solvency issues. In that regard, I feel like GWB on the pool:

It felt like a collosal effort to get the Council majority to even acknowledge the pool has issues.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, Is there any way you can get the numbers so far for this year? It just doesn't seem like it is getting used as much.
I know the swim parents will disagree, but unless they are willing to fund the entire pool, we shouldn't allow this ridiculous expenditure.
I don't want to hear about anything else the town pays for that doesn't get used by everyone. This was never, ever suppose to be an expenditure the town would incur, now we are almost at a half million dollars.

Anonymous said...

How about taking some of that money and put in irrigation at Bartlem and make the fields worth playing on.
We need to address Bartlem Park and make it a jewel. Not just the pool

Anonymous said...

As I heard the discussion while watching Tuesday's meeting, it was said that the pool budget "may" end up in a deficit. It was said that 20K from the P & R budget would well cover any deficit if there was one. So my question would be that if after all is said and done and the pool budget ends up with the 20K (or part thereof) leftover, does it go back to P & R or the general fund? I'd be interested in knowing the ending balances for all town departments and where any excess goes. If it ends up in the general fund or rainy day fund, then I guess we were over taxed again.

Breachway said...

How about taking some of that money and put in irrigation at Bartlem and make the fields worth playing on.

How about not. On one hand the town worries about traffic on Rt 10...then they start throwing all these ball fields in Bartlem. Do you hear what you are asking for...irrigation systems for little league/softball fields. Why dont we do a cost analysis and maybe it would be cheaper to put turf in...

Anonymous said...

Let nature take care of it. It rains enough here. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Why would Tim Slocum go against his fellow republicans, once again, and vote for this?
Is he beginning to go to the "dark" side?
I don't understand!

Breachway said...

Its about time people vote how they feel and not along party lines...good job Tim

Anonymous said...

First, they should be voting the way their constituents want them to, not always what they want...but most politicians don't do that.
Second, does he really think the town people want us to spend another $20k on the pool??
Perhaps he should speak with people like Tim to see what the facts are.
He also chose to award the Norton Boiler fiasco to White-Bowman. Was that the right decision??