Sunday, June 15, 2008

Students charged with alcohol possession

The MRJs Stacy Graham Hunt is reporting that "Police arrested four juveniles yesterday for alcohol possession charges at Cheshire High School."

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Dear Tim:

I have a true story to share on Alcohol caused illness.

Please let me know, if you the space or time.


Sheila Joyce Gibbs

Anonymous said...

This must be a mistake. According to the Supt of Schools and the Principal of the High School, Cheshire does not have a drug or alcohol problem. Maybe now the school administration will pull their heads out of the sand and other areas, admit the problem and seek solutions.

tim white said...

Sheila... feel free to email me. I'll always consider guest posts on the front page, if that's what you're suggesting.

Personally, my (non immediate) family has been seriously impacted by alcohol illness... and I'm sure there's still a few active officers in the CPD who recall some of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mommy or Daddy will actually do what they are responsible for doing and that is raising and caring for their kids! There IS a problem and until Mommy and/or Daddy recognize it how can ANY Town group, Underage Coalition, Youth Services, Board of Education, etc. do something. Get your heads out of the sand and get on Mommy and Daddy not the Town!

retired teacher said...

The superintendent and principal deny there's a drug and alcohol problem because Mommy and Daddy deny there's a problem, and the number one rule of school administrators these days is *Don't say or do anything to upset the parents.*

I once had a meeting with my principal, the most disruptive student in my class, and her mother. The student tearfully complained that I, the teacher, "force the students to open books and read them." The mother called this "proof of abuse", and the principal just nodded.

The principal later told me that they actually take workshops on how to "affirm" whatever the parent says (your "ed reform" tax dollars at work), and they are told NEVER to upset the parents. So the problems continue -- drinking, disruption, failing grades -- and most often the teacher gets blamed.

You’re crazy the think that school budget increases or smart boards are going to raise the quality of education. These are the three most important factors in a child’s education: the parents, the parents, the parents.

Anonymous said...

Come on, lets not get hysterical...the statistics for kids all over the country (the world??) show that teens try alcohol. Why would they not? It sure looks like fun..and for most people (including kids) it is not a problem(although it is much easier for teen brains to get addicted). The problem is when it is a problem..nothing pretty about an alcoholic or a accident victim.
Are some suggesting that parents follow their teen around? What the heck does that teach? the problem with Trying to make a zero tolerance policy is that it does not work; kids will try and the ones that get caught will pay a ridiculously high price.

I say..give the kids who are caught lots of community service..lets help our kids be accountable and love them at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we charged for parking at CHS they would have less cash to buy booze

Anonymous said...

it costs 125$ to park at the HS next year

Anonymous said...

I say lets plaster (no pun intended)the names of the students caught with alcohol or drugs and their parents names all over the front page of the papers. Mommy & Daddy might then start opening their eyes to what their kids are doing and actually do something rather than looking the other way. Doubt they'd want this kind of publicity.
Cheshire has always been good at "covering up" the problems which really only enables them to happen again and again.

Anonymous said...

Big deal, that's not even two tanks of gas now

Anonymous said...

At a high school(Madison) prom at the Aqua Turf recently a bus full of students were sent back before they ate etc because a student(s) were caught with hard drugs in the bathroom. What are they thinking? They need help of some sort. Denial is the first step that must be overcome by all.

Anonymous said...

There was this kid who not that long ago played football. The kid always got in trouble but since he was such a good football player, it was overlooked and he continued to play. It's pretty sad when the coach does nothing just for the sake of winning a game. This same kid also did track. At the NE championship the kid got his team disqualified after the relay race for throwing the baton at the ref. Yet at the end of the track season the track coach gives the kid the "best athlete" award.
We've got parents who look the other way and do nothing and we've got coaches who do the same.

Anonymous said...

OK so here's what happened as told by someone whose kid was in this same Spanish class -
These kids had brought beer into this same class the day before. They were sitting in the back of the room drinking the beer that was inside a paper bag. The teacher had no clue what they were doing. They thought it was so funny they decided to do it again the next day but of course they talked about what they did and it got back to some staff member. So the next day the staff was ready for them and went into the room catching them in the act.
How the teacher didn't notice this the day before is a huge question someone should ask. Why would students be allowed to bring drinks inside a class inside a paper bag is another question. Makes you wonder how often this happens and how easy it is to do this.