Monday, June 09, 2008

Council agenda 06/10

Later than usual I know, but here's the agenda for tomorrow night:For any Star Wars fans out there, I assure you... Council Chair Matt Hall's agenda has no droids we're looking for. And while I'm tired and about to hit the sack... here's just a taste of what may be discussed tomorrow...

Start with the consent calendar, particularly item 4F - Acceptance and appropriation of a $20 memorial donation to the library gift account.

IMO, a consent calendar is appropriate for that item. But then look at Council Chairman Matt Hall's consent calendar again and see item 4G - authorization to apply for the FY 2008 Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program from the Department of Homeland Security. This represents the creation of at least one paid fireman.

A paid fireman? Don't worry... buried deep in the "council pack" you find the description supporting the addition of item 4G to Council Chairman Matt Hall's consent calendar:And since no discussion is permitted on the consent calendar, I presume the Council Chairman believes the transition from a volunteer fire department to a paid fire department doesn't warrant discussion. So as all good Stormtroopers say... "these aren't the droids we're looking for. Move along." (hat tip to Tim Slocum for catching this... and btw, this isn't the first time that the consent calendar has been abused in this manner)

Also notice the end of the agenda... item 11 - approval of minutes - March 25. If you happen to recall the March 25 meeting (not televised)... it was the meeting where the TM told the Council (and the Council clearly agreed) that the additional police officer would be in the budget. But then between April1 (the last budget meeting) and April 3 (the budget vote)... the Council majority eliminated that position from the budget... and never mentioned that to me or Jimmy Sima... I'm not sure why they chose to not tell us about that budget cut. But perhaps it falls in the same category with the coverup of the corruption memo?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What are these people doing to this Town? P&Z has made more "Text Zone" changes without much fanfare because they have kept it hidden in the back pages ot the CH. They cover their backsides with this PUBLIC NOTICE one week late. The TC agenda is a mystery. Don't they think "SOME" people understand what is going on? Keep up the fight because one day they will make a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

Item #7D. Is that the $14,000 for you know who to do the SP? If it is we should ckeck it out.

Anonymous said...

Why is it taking this long to approve minutes from the March 25th meeting? They should have been approved in April. Does that mean the minutes aren't yet on file for the public to view at town hall? Aren't they supposed to be written, approved and filed at town hall within 7 to 10 days from the date of the meeting??

Anonymous said...

Nice that the consent calendar spells out who gave what to the town. I'd like to have it made public who gave the $10,000 to do the turf study? PLEASE see if you can get that out in the open.