Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Strawberry Festival

Every year I enjoy it. How could I not enjoy the strawberry festival?... just get a little bit of extra strawberry juice poured over the biscuit and... it doesn't get much better. Plus the weather was perfect while I was there with my mom and sister... my mom especially loved it when she saw a young mom pushing a stroller... my mom said she was probably doing the same exact thing with me, in the same exact place... 35 years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised by the new walkway across the green. I recall it was just asphalt that was slowly breaking down. But now there's a brand new paver sidewalk, that I heard the town installed. I'm guessing it related to the repaving of Church Drive.

Even more surprising though was that I saw almost no pols there. With the exception of Al Adinolfi (who attends the Congregational Church) and Dave Cappiello, I didn't see any. Regardless, as usual... the festival was great and the little kids certainly seemed to be having a great time!

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

We were disappointed. We missed it last year but made it back this year. We were terribly disappointed by how much everything cost. My wife brought my daughter only as my son was with our wife blew a quick $20 for very little in return....its nti even affordable to attend the Strawberry Festival anymore....