Monday, June 23, 2008

The town's strategery

We'll be voting on this list on Tuesday:
I think I find 2a most interesting.

Continue to enhance formal lines of communication

Perhaps we should add "particularly whenever anyone writes to staff and suggests that there's corruption in town hall."

Nearly five years on the Council now. And I can assure you... there are plenty of times when I've been kept in the dark.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

3(b)...which is a series of "wish list" items is inconsistent with the rest of the priorities. It should be stricken from the list until the economy improves.

At this point, we need to focus far more heavily on protecting our investments in existing facilities (aging schools and the misguided pool bubble) than buying a bunch of expensive and unneccesary esthetic and recreational projects.

Let's fix what we have instead of buying new stuff which we will probably find ourselves unable to afford maintaining

Anonymous said...

"Continue, and where possible, complete various projects (ie: playing fields, etc)"

Great! I guess this means the turf is a DEAD deal...since it hasn't been started, it can't be "continued" or "completed."

Tim, make sure they don't throw in the word "begin." Do you suppose the rest of the council has smartened up and will try to redirect the State discretionary funds to more important things like the pool bubble dilema?