Thursday, June 05, 2008

Improve your health - go blogging!

At a time when there's talk of "slanderous" blogs in Cheshire... separately I received an email from Mike Rocci... and it reminded me of a recent conversation I had with BOE member Bob Behrer.

Mike and Bob shared a theme... blogging can be beneficial to your health!


Blogging is fun, informative, and is amazingly still gaining in popularity after all these years. Did you know it's good for your health, though? According to a recent report in the magazine Oncologist, cancer patients who wrote about their experience and treatment felt measurably better than those who did not. Such behavior is called "expressive writing," and blogging definitely falls under that category.

Expressive writing also includes keeping a journal and writing poetry and the like, however blogging is seen as especially beneficial because of the direct ability for people to receive encouraging comments from others. Doctors are finding that those who partake in expressive writing not only feel better but sleep better too, something even those in good health can appreciate.

Tim White

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