Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Iberdrola's windmills & the ND

From the MRJ:

A company based in Spain is promising to invest $2 billion in wind energy in New York over the next five years if regulators approve its purchase of Energy East Corp. The global company, Iberdrola SA, is trying to buy Energy East for $4.6 billion.

If I recall correctly, Iberdrola is the same company that wanted to sell windmills to Pennsylvania. To which PA responded, "we'll give you the policy, if you give us the plants."

Sure would be nice if Cheshire's PZC started using that common sensical approach with the north end.

And FWIW... my understanding is that here in CT... windmills don't make a lot of sense. Our best bets are probably the sun (PVs, solar thermal) and the ground (geothermal) when it comes to renewable/sustainable energies.

Tim White

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