Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pool subcommittee mtg 6/17

The Bubble Study group met tonight. I got to the meeting late, but was there for at least an hour of it.

My sense is that they're done listening to the concerns of users and are going to move onto the heart of the issue...

The White Elephant

itself. And I think Matt Altieri did a good job moving the meeting along, but here's where the problem really begins.

We're not even sure what structure would be best... or if a second pool would make more sense.

Thankfully, the Energy Commission's Dave Gavin gave the Council a roadmap to the types of structures that may work well for a pool.

I think the next stop on the bubble trail is a meeting with the Energy Commission's Rich Ogurick and the Public Building Commission's Dennis Rioux. We'll probably be placing a lot of reliance on the two of them to help us ask the right questions to include in an RFI... whoops, sorry... RFP. Then we'll see what we get as a result of the RFP and go from there.

Tim White

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