Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheshire black bear sightings

Reported by the MRJs Jason Vallee:

Black bear sightings have increased in central and southern Connecticut during the past year, and places like Wallingford have been no exception, according to Wildlife Biologist Paul Rego of the Department of Environmental Protection.

Rego said there has been a pattern in recent years showing a migration of American black bears in the state, with sightings spreading from concentrated areas to towns statewide. And the sightings have increased, he said, leading the department to believe there has been population growth.

Local police departments said sightings have been infrequent over the years, with 11 reports out of Southington and only
5 in Cheshire and 4 in Wallingford since June 1, 2007.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Quick!!!! shut down the economy!!!... a bear relocated from one place to another!

Anonymous said...

The main thing to avoid bears hanging around your property is to not leave any food out. Bird seed is a favorite.

Also, close your first floor doors (and possibly windows) at night. Bears have been known to rip through screens to get into the kitchen. This may not be necessary if you have a dog who will bark.

Anonymous said...

Let the bears run rampant, they eat garbage, should have a feast at the Town Hall and Humiston School, home of the School Administration.

Anonymous said...

I saw a coyote on Marion road last night. We saw something by the side of the road. At first I thought it was a fox, as we have seen a number of them on Marion lately. We backed up and watched a coyote mull over the road crossing. After a bit it crossed directly in front of our stopped car while we watched. Very cool.