Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pool, solar and hydro on Energy agenda

The Energy Commission's monthly meeting is tomorrow night. Here's the agenda:Probably the agenda item that would be of most interest to most people is the pool RFP. But the new business has my interest... not so much the Energy Forum that I have a pretty good sense of... but the next two items... a hydropower plant at Roaring Brook and Solar Connecticut.

I know Solar Connecticut a bit (as the agenda suggests, they're the main nonprofit for CT-based solar businesses... though if you want to install PVs and get grant money... you're best to start with the CT Clean Energy Fund's rebate guide)... but this is the first time I'd heard anything about building a hydropower plant in Cheshire. And off the top of my head... though other rivers are certainly bigger... you'd almost certainly have impacts both upstream and downstream that would cross the townline. Maybe that's some of the benefit?? I'll have to find out tomorrow... hope to see you there!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Great article in the NHR regarding the F&S BioMess plant.

Looks like the Bowmans could probably end up owning it in the way they have tried to evict the receivership and have not given a disposition to the receiver.

What was hard to figure out was why Cheshire Investment,the LLC owned by, Edward Bowman and Steven Bowman made an application to the P&Z to permit storage tanks for the BioMess and this was done shortly after F&S hit the fan. Now what sense did that make at the time? Edward Bowman said he was not involved with the BioMess and didn't have any ownership interest in it. The only thing that makes sense is that could end up owning the BioMess. Right now they own only the land on which the BioMess is on and lease it for an astronomical rent of $9,000 a month. They don't own the building or any of the equipment, just the land. If they had been able to evict the receivership would they have, by default, come to own everything? Who knows?

Today I heard that when Cheshire Investment went to P&Z to get a permit for the storage tanks which did not or would not own, the tanks had already been built. Is this the way some people are allowed to operate normally? You build first and when the &%$% hits the fan, you go to the P&Z and get a permit for a done deal. If this is true, Cheshire is just a wonderful place for some people to do business. With no permit, were the proper inspections made and was the assessor's office aware of the fact that storage tanks had been built?.

The people of Cheshire deserve to know all the facts, especially the customers of F&S oil that lost so much money. Talk about shenanigans. This should be discussed by the Town Council and referred to some investigative body.

Now, does anyone think that the Cheshire Herald is going to dig into this and give us the facts?

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt the Herald will dig into this mess since it involves the Bowmans. If they print anything they will probably leave their names out of the article.

Speaking of messes - Will we get the straight story on the gasoline spill and how much environmental damage that has caused?? The council should address this at their meeting too.

Anonymous said...

Why were they able to go before the P&Z if they didn't own it? Who was the applicant? What a mess.