Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tim Lenox visits Republican Town Committee

Tonight, the Republican Town Committee had another candidate visit us:Tim Lenox is the Republican challenging Democrat Tom Gaffey.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

My son has more morals than Tom Gaffey:

CSU bonding scandal

On December 2, 2007 Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie detailed Gaffey's efforts on behalf of a billion dollar bonding proposal from the Connecticut State University system; which he promoted while being involved in an alleged affair with the then married university administrator lobbying for the proposal. Much of Rennie's story detailed personal communication between Gaffey and his alleged paramour over state e-mail accounts. On December 3, 2007, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney and Republican State Chairman Chris Healy demanded an investigation into whether Gaffey's conduct violated state ethics rules. The Democratic senate caucus was split on the need to investigate, with Fairfield County Democrats Andrew McDonald and Bob Duff suggesting an investigation was needed, while Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr. flatly rejected the idea. On December 7, the Hartford Courant's editorial page called on Gaffey to be censured for his role in this affair.

Both Gaffey and Rennie had stories in the December 9, 2007 Courant. Gaffey said there had been nothing improper in his relationship with the university lobbyist, citing his record of support for state colleges. Rennie's article outlined alleged self-dealing by Gaffey, including getting Final Four basketball tickets from the university at a low price and using his political action committee to pay personal expenses.

On December 11, Democratic senators proposed ethics reforms for the legislature. They denied it was done in response to the Gaffey scandal. On December 14, Gaffey asked Williams to be reassigned off the committee responsible for oversight of CSU. One Democratic senator, Edith Prague, defended Gaffey, asserting "He didn't steal anything"

Republican Tim Lenox is challenging Gaffey in the November 2008 election

Submitted by: Mike Rocci

I would love to see a televised debate on the issues between these two candidates. one on one, no holds barred, anything goes! I'm sure Gaffey would have some lame excuse not to attend. Probably on the golf course playing a few holes...:)