Friday, June 06, 2008

Southington weighs in on ND

The MRJs Leslie Hutchison has this article about an exchange of letters between the Town Managers of Southington and Cheshire. The topic was the proposed ND... with the MRJ reporting comments from staff as:

the shopping center is not a municipal project. "We're not proposing it."

And I'm still waiting for the analysis of "secondary impacts" on the town. But I'm sure those secondary impacts wouldn't have any sort of impact on public opinion.

So I guess those aren't the droids I'm looking for... I think I need to just move along.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What traffic and what flooding? Our P&Z and staff reviewed this and said no problem. I also have a bridge to sell you cheap. Bring back smooth talking "Lou" and he will have the correct explaination and answer all their questions. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Gas went up .20 CENTS today. Who can go shopping and eat out? I have to find a car that will get over 60 mpg. Can I find it at the ND?

tim white said...

Seriously... I don't have a problem with W/S at all. They're in business and they want to make money.

Personally, I think they'd be making a wise business choice if they began employing Socially Responsible business practices... or at least letting people of the socially responsible business practices they already employ. But barring that... which is simply an unwise business decision...

I think the problem lies with our elected officials (and town staff who, as far as I know, never provided information on secondary impacts), not the developer.

The PZC could've mandated sustainable development. But instead they opted for pavement.

Anonymous said...

This Town should require an "INDEPENDENT" impact study paid for by the developer for any development of this size and not one done by our TM and staff who were for this project from the get go. Over 40 other Towns in CT have this why don't we? We change every other "zone text" in our plan and conservation why not add this change? This would benefit all the citizens of Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that other people are questioning the traffic. It's a two lane road. Let's wait and see if they buy the answers given by the traffic expert for W/S.