Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Filipp Podpalyy: Robert Tagliaferi's friend

Who could forget the friend of Cheshire's alleged burglar, Robert Tagliaferi... Cheshire's other alleged burglar, Filipp Podpalyy. Here's a reminder of where Podpalyy stands with his alleged B&E at the home of state Rep. Brendan Sharkey:

Does anybody know what is meant by "rearrest ordered?" Did he post bail and flee? I hope not.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Hello again Tim,

A "Rearrest Ordered" is exactly what it states. A person is arrested and charged with a crime. Then a court judge orders the person released on the grounds of lack of evidence, illegal arrest or a number of other issues.

Then it could be minutes later when say a DA goes to a higher court and convinces a higher level judge to order a warrant for this same persons rearrest.

Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

Clearly Mike doesn't know what his talking about... I work in the judicial system and a rearrest is ordered when a person gets arrested and then posts bail but doesn't show up to court. Now I know quiet a few things about this case and he obviously doesn't know how much more trouble he is in each and everyday that he doesn't turn himself back in!!

So there is your correct answer to your question.