Thursday, June 26, 2008

F&S Oil biofuel plant auction - tentative date

From the MRJs Mary-Ellen Godin:

The assets of a bio-diesel plant at 262 Sandbank Road will go to public auction on July 23, if the court, bank and state give their approval.

Carlton Helming, who is managing and liquidating the assets of F&S Oil Co. and Village Oil Inc., estimates the two companies invested about $4 million in the design, engineering, construction and equipment purchases and leases at the property.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Are the two Bowmans Ned and Steven still unwilling to supply sworn affidavits to Carlton Helming?

Anonymous said...

I thought my story on fireworks in Cheshire was hot but this F&S story seems to make more heat than a Chernobyl reactor.

Anyway..My hats off to the residents of New Milford they understand the words "giving is better than receiving."

Towns, like Cheshire, have reduced their fireworks budget slightly, doing more with less money. And like Hamden, New Milford relies on a money-conscious community to donate to the display budget.

Submitted by: Mike Rocci

Anonymous said...

The Attorney General should investigate how this BioMess was set up and subpoena the Bowmans to get all the facts of who owned what when. It appears that the Bowmans are making it difficult on Carlton Helming and as a result the auction is less attractive.

Looks like the F&S customers will lose out again.

Wasn't it Ned Bowman who got the state grant for the BioMess plant while he was an owner of Cheshire Investment and later said he was not an owner of the BioMess? Then Ned later became the state's technology team only to quit when the %^$# hit the fan at F&S. Then after F&S went bust, Cheshire Investment applied for the construction of a storage tank on their property even though they weren't owners of the BioMess????? Who can figure this out? Wouldn't it be nice if the owners of Cheshire Investment, Ned and Steven, explained the whole thing to the people of Cheshire? Wouldn't it be nice if the town council asked them to explain it.

Anonymous said...

From an earlier post

Questions about ownership of the biofuel facility's assets, however, could hold up a third auction. For example, Cheshire Investment Corp. received approval from the Cheshire Planning and Zoning Commission to install outdoor storage tanks, a standby generator and a cooling tower at the Sandbank Road biofuel facility on March 10 — three days after F&S Oil and its subsidiaries shut down....

Anonymous said...

steven bowman has nothing to do with cheshire investment, it is Ned and James.