Thursday, June 05, 2008

Town Manager annual review

The annual review (a.k.a. Goals & Objectives) of the Town Manager began tonight. Unfortunately, I learned of this special Council meeting only yesterday. And I already had a commitment, so was unable to attend.

As for updating you on these meetings, they tend to be in executive session. So all I can offer is my own opinion... which I will do, but not tonight.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Is that typical to let you know of a meeting like this 1 day in advance?
Did they just decide to review him yesterday??
I don't get it.

tim white said...

I'm guessing it was an oversight.

I knew of the Personnel Committee meeting a week or so ago. But it was posted as a Personnel Committee meeting. So I assumed that the Chair (Altieri) felt the first meeting was best with only the Personnel Committee (add on Ecke & Ruocco).

Anyway, yesterday I got emailed that it was no longer for Personnel only, but was going to be a special meeting of the full Council.

In retrospect, I'm guessing it was an oversight on Matt Altieri's part.

Whatever the reason, it was unfortunate... but there will probably be several more meetings before the vote.

Besides...we already know who reports to whom.

Anonymous said...

Don't we have an Information Officer?

How come council members are told about meetings that they should attend 1 day before? Maybe they think it is only necessary to inform the 5 Dem Super Councilors and tell the minority that they can have the night off.

tim white said...

Don't we have an Information Officer?

Yes, meetings and agendas are set by the various Chairs.

Though IMO, if a Chair feels that staff has not performed a job responsibility appropriately, then that Chair should make clear what happened. Otherwise, I think it's appropriate to assume the Chair called the shots and staff did as directed (assuming this Council ever directed staff... which they acknowledge... staff directs the Council... but that's a different story).

So in this case, I'm assuming that Altieri/Hall decided on June 3 to change the June 5 meeting to a full Council meeting. And on June 4, staff notified the Council.

Though as we saw with their coverup of The Corruption Memo... I wouldn't be surprised by anything this Council majority does.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to see the full text of this "corruption memo?" Isn't it part of the public record?

Anonymous said...
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tim white said...

When are we going to see the full text of this "corruption memo?"

I'll post the corruption memo. Maybe today or tomorrow. I just need to find it.

Isn't it part of the public record?

Remember... control the information and you control the agenda.

Anonymous said...

What has the TM done to make this Town better than it was last year??? That's the first question I would ask.

tim white said...

Good question.

But my first question may be...

Why are police officers quitting left and right?