Thursday, April 23, 2009

The vetting of Richmond Glen / Serenity Ranch

This thing just keeps getting more and more intriguing. It's late though and I want to research some stuff before posting. I do have a question though...

Why has the Council not sent this to committee? Instead, we're expected to just wield The Rubber Stamp.

I'm sure The Rubber Stamp would argue that this issue has already been vetted by the PZC, WPCA and Inland Wetlands. But riddle me this Batman...

Why is this easement worth $10? Or is this easement worth $70,393?

What are the chances that if the Town put this easement out to auction, someone would bid in excess of $70,403? I'm quite certain someone would bid it up. If the developer is willing to pay $70,403... and is making money on the project, then it stands to reason that this easement is worth more than the April 2005-agreed-upon-price.

And there's no fiscal impact analysis.

But the Council should just accept that this is a "tax benefit." Unreal.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
...the Wizard of Oz

Anonymous said...

This is so amazing. There are questions to be answered by potential buyers of this housing if it is actually built.

First the developer starts with land that for some reason can't be directly connected to the town sewer system. This seems to be a serious problem. Undoubtedly the first mistake. Will there be others too? Did the prospective developer forget anything else?

Has the town actually been looking out for the best interests of future buyers or is the town's position to do everything possible to please the developer?

Breachway said...

Don't worry Tim, they are going to make up the difference with some of the "pay to play" money from the high school.

Anonymous said...

Tim, the $70,000 is not for the easement....its to fix Wiese Rd...which has already been fixed. Fazzone made that clear in the meeting last Tuesday.
No, they are paying $10 for the easement so they can makes $zillions from the condos....and leave the taxpayers with the service costs in the future.
Would you please tell me if the town EVER gave an easement to enable a developer to build a residential development? I don't think it has EVER happened......nor should it.
Something is starting to smell funny at town hall.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Something is starting to smell funny at town hall."

The overt arrogance of this council majority is reaching rancid proportions. Too bad we have to wait til Nov. 3 to give it a proper burial.

Anonymous said...


I will formally bid $100,000.00 if this reaches a bidding process.