Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elim Park plans to add 40 apartments

From the NHR:

Having completed a $6 million expansion last year that included a new chapel, performing arts center and a fitness center, officials at the Elim Park senior living complex are now looking to add 40 new independent living apartments.

Elim Park officials have filed plans for a 23,524-square-foot, three-story building that would be located at the southeast corner of the senior living complex, which is on Cook Hill Road.

The article correctly continued:

A nonprofit organization, Elim Park is exempt from paying property taxes but annually makes contributions...

with one error:

in excess of $1 million to both the Police and Fire departments, he said.

The Police and Fire each got $165,000* this year for a total gift of $330,000.

Tim White

* To the best of my memory, that was the number this year.


Anonymous said...

At what point does the town begin to challenge their "non-profit, tax exempt" status?

They could just choose not to "gift" the town any money one year, but still expects town protection.
I know it isn't cheap to live there, so someone must be making some money.
I say we make the Chapel the only tax exempt part of that complex.
They really are stretching it.

Why would the NHR be so far off from the amount that is gifted? Was that figure given to them by Elim Park?

tim white said...

I'm assuming it was a typo of some sort:

more than $1000000


more than $100000

As for the exemption, I'm uncertain of it's precise nature. But it's not only a religious facility, there's also a hospital there. Both are exempt.

Anonymous said...

O'K with the longterm care and chapel being nonprofit. As for the rest, it is a commercial enterprise.

All money from any nonprofit should go into the general fund period. It maakes no sense for the money to go simply to the fire and police on their discretion.

I would like to stop paying taxes and contribute my money to the pool.

Anonymous said...

Thye may be a hospital but they also have assisted living apartments. Should those be covered under the tax exemption?
Does Southwick's assisted living apartments get tax exempt status?
Just wondering.
It sounds like a stretch to me.