Monday, April 27, 2009

Energy Commission 4/27/09

There was an Energy Commission meeting tonight. Several items were on the agenda. Most interesting to me - the pool RFP. See, last month we heard this:

Also from tonight's EC meeting, it's worth noting that after only 14 months, the town may actually be issuing an RFP for a permanent structure for the pool later this week!

Tonight we heard this:

The pool RFP may be issued tomorrow.

This is unreal. But I guess it fits well with The Pool.

There was also discussion of benchmarking the energy consumption of the town buildings. This is another one of the issues facing the town that goes in the "huh?" column. Recall, this was a role to be filled by town staff beginning in February 2007. Then in February 2009 we learned that a $150,000 consultant was going to be doing the benchmarking for "free."

There was some further discussion about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including the energy-related benefit to taxpayers.

The Historical Society will be getting their new boiler. It should be getting installed shortly and may take about two weeks to complete.

The EC is also looking for people to come forward with ideas to use a $3,000 grant that is intended to help educate the public about green power. If you know of anybody (Scouts, a church, etc.) who needs a few bucks to make a project happen, feel free to call me. Or you could call the EC Chair, Rich Ogurick.

Tim White

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